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Location: 8 days at Cloudbreak, 6 in Perth, Australia


The Perth Fire Workshops Group have decided to hold their first ever workshop for all types of people who would like to learn the art of staff, juggling and poi.

We will be offering a wide variety of workshops from beginner to more advanced levels.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, the more the merrier.

The day will start off at about 9:00am meeting at the Burswood Train Station Car Park where we will be taking off for Lancelin.

The workshops will then run throughout the day, at night we will be lighting up for those that are interested in the fire aspect of things.

As the night wears on we shall be partying till we drop from sheer exhaustion.


Fire Twirling Introduction and Safety - Full introduction to fire twirling & fire safety. Covers Fire Extinguisher use(And appropriate type), fire blanket use, how to spin safely with fire, precautions, things 'not' to do, things 'to' do, burn treating, clothing to wear, having a 'safety', what fuels to use. Recommended for everyone. Fire Extinguisher/blanket proper use, treating burns, having a 'safety', colored flames, using wire wool.

Beginner Staff - Beginners wanting to learn staff who have had little or no instruction before. Covers figure-8's, turning, btb passes, 'continuous' 2-handed twirling, horizontal spinning.

Intermediate Staff - For people who have been spinning for awhile, but may need some help filling in their technique. Covers throws(horizontal/vertical), corners, horizontal tricks, pickups, handwraps, fingertwirling.

Twin Staff - For people who have the basics of staff, but would like to try with one in each hand. Also covers Crossing over, a basic throw or two, same/different directions, horizontal.

Contact Staff - For people who have the basics of staff, but would like to try 'contact'. This is the act of spinning/rolling the staff around the body without 'holding' it in the hands. This is very difficult and requires previous staff experience.

Poi making - A workshop showing how to make your own poi.

Beginner Poi - For beginners wanting to learn poi who have had little of no instruction before. Covers same-time spinning and turning, Figure-8's (chase & follow), weave, butterfly, corkscrew.

Intermediate Poi - For people who have the basics down pat. Help with the trickier poi moves such as 5bt weave, btb weave, fountains, turning butterflies, wraps, buzzsaw planes, between the legs, waistwraps.

Advanced Poi Theory - For experienced poi players with lots of control & wanting some new ideas to create their own advanced moves! Ideas such as Isolations, Airwraps/Hyperloops, stalls, throws, antispin, plane control techniques.

Intro to (Fire)Club Juggling - Ever wanted to learn how to juggle clubs? With fire? Tim's your man!

Intro to Juggling - Ever wanted to learn how to juggle balls? Here's where to learn! Also covers some basic tricks for those who already know the 3-ball cascade.

Fire Eating - A possibility for a workshop. Not organised yet.

Fans/Fire Fingers/Devilsticks/Diabolo - More possibilities.


We will be departing on the Saturday 30th April 2005 at 9:30am sharp (gather at Burswood Train Station Car Park). Be there at 9:00 so we can load things. If you arent there by 9:30 you will get left behind.

We will be coming back on the Sunday 1st May 2005 drop off at about 5pm


We are organising a mini bus so we dont have to have a huge amount of people driving to Lancelin. Cost for the Car pool/Mini bus is $20 per person.


As this will be an overnight thing we have organised a couple of different accommodation options.

Lancelin Lodge

A backpackers lodge that is willing to put us up at a rate of $18 for the night. They will supply us with beds for the night, sheets and doonas.

Check out their website for more information:

For those of you willing to rough it out there is also the camping option:

Lancelin Caravan Park

Sites with electricity cost $11 per person per night.

Sites without electricity cost $8.80 per person per night.


We will need to know how many people we are going to be expecting, who is going with the mini bus option and what type of accommodation you will be requiring. Please RSVP to the Perth Fire Workshops Group before the 8th April.




MedusaSILVER Member
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Location: 8 days at Cloudbreak, 6 in Perth, Australia

Four more sleeps to go!!!!!!

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was really impressed with the turnout was a very cool weekend smile ill try and get a copy of the footage to jed to edit cos well im terrible at actually getting around to editing smile

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Pics by Jo and Chris here

More to come

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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