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KlownyBRONZE Member
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im heading over to tasmania to see me dad (biological) and i wanted to bring my staff but the policy my airline has is that staffs can be carried on the under carriage area but no kevlar or fuel can be carried at all, so im gonna need to get some new kevlar while im there, i was wandering whether anybody new of any circus shops or such that might carry kevlar wicking, ive already done some pretty extensive searches on the net and alos so has my dad and mum, but we cant find anything, any tips for a search or actual shops i can have a looksy at would be muchly appreciated cheers

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Kombi guyBRONZE Member
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Another option would be to order from us here at the HOP shop and get it sent directly to your Dads....I suppose it depends how long and when you are going to be there etc
email me if you need a hand arranging for an order of Kevlar etc to be sent from HOP...

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DoktorSkellSILVER Member
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I live in hobart dude.

The place where you can get Kevlar is usually Ruff-Cutt Records.

They are a hip-hop music shop but also have a juggling section which sells a few poi, staff and other fire materials.

PM me and i will give you their details

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