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Posted:Can anyone tell me please. And I am looking for a 4 litre jobby not 500ml. Have looked everywhere and not having any luck. Must be out there somewhere tho.


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Posted:you mean kerosene right? umm any where really i havent seen a 4 litre bottle but its probably out there, i usualy by the 2 litre bottles from coles and woolies but, almost all hardware stores also carry it, its pretty well stocked in perth, speaking of kero i need some more....hope i helped, maybe ask your local hardware store if they know where you might be able to get some?

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Posted:Try Bunnings...or some service station (I find Gull usually has them).

It works out cheaper if you buy a 20L drum of kero from bunnings and keep refilling it from the Petrol stations around Perth that still sell Kero on the pump.


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Posted:Bummings and WA Salvage sell by 4l. I do what Meduas suggests and buy a 20l then top it up. Brentwood, Upper Swan and Scarb beach Rd Ampol have by the litre and a few other places as well. Its about $1.10 per L from the bowser..
I think maybe $12 per 4L of kerosene

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