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Posted:Hey everyone! Please help!

I desperatly want a pair of flag poi but i can't afford them.

Can anyone recomend a way to make good ones?!

Also I'd quite like to make some sock poi - do you put handles on them?! weavesmiley

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Posted:Hey Pricklyleaf.

This (along with many many other subjects) has been discussed quite a lot.
If you hit the 'search' tab near the top, there's plenty of good information.
(Or click on this link to get to them).

Btw, I personally recommend Dom's design. The link to his site is knocking around in many of those threads.

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Posted:I had to do a perfomance with flag poi the other weekend.
Get some lightish material , make a hem. in to of the corners put some lead weights or some thing. I used a small heavy chain. then, in the corner opposite put some string and and somesort of handle. One problem we had has keeping 'em open when they were swung so maybe somesort of swivel?????? smile