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Location: New York, USA

I cant find any threads describing the kinda help i need...
i can sometimes get the airwrap down, but that's not so much of a problem, im practicing these with sock poi btw, anyway im having trouble after the wrap is done. The poi just dont go where i want it do and it feels really awkward trying to get the poi back in control, something i have yet to accoplish after completing an airwrap. i was wondering if anyone had hany good tips so the poi doesnt end up hitting me in the leg or head after the wrap is finished

MandSILVER Member
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Have you read the section in 'articles' about airwraps.
I think it explains them pretty well, and there's a nice liitle video too. biggrin

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Location: New York, USA

ya i've read it but it doesn't have tips on what to do afterwards ^^;;

Gav486SILVER Member
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Just keep practicing them untill you get the feel of how the poi move through the wrap, then it should be pretty straightfoward to go straight into a weave, windmill, another airwrap...

Just keep doin' 'em. biggrin

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Just remember that once in the tangle you keep your hands perfectly still until the poi have untangled. Anything you do with your hands just makes it harder to exit cleanly.

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MikeIconGOLD Member
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I heartily disagree with that, Spiral. I always move my hands ~25 degrees counter the way the poi are spinning while tangled. If I dont do this, the heads are more likely to hit the chains and lose momentum. However, I dont think this is totally necessary, but its not imperitive to keep your hands completely still either.

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The heads shouldn't hit the chains because the poi are angled slightly when you tangle, hence there being outside->inside and the harder inside->outside airwraps. Rotating against the direction of the poi does make them pop out a bit easier I know, but I think you should probably learn to do it without first wink

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vanizeSILVER Member
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(agees with spiralx and icon)

for the record I do just about what icon does if I have interpreted what he meant correctly.

and what gav486 says about going strait into a weave is probably the cleanest/simplest exit to learn first, though the windmill isn't much harder.


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does anyone know if the kind of poi make any difference at all to hyperloops aka airwraps, cause i can sorta do them with sokpoi but have a snowmans chance in hell when it comes to doing it with chains (dog style)???

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WaokuSILVER Member
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I'm really baffled too!! I can get into it but they dont unwrap... just make a tangled mess. I seem to be spending more time untying. how do you stop them from going over the wrong way tangling!! confused

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I recently learned the airwrap because what i did was i let them have 3 beats then took them out by tugging on my handle, which handle to tug depends on the way they are spinning. During the time they wrap you hand should be raised but not pulling

thats the most important part. use them to learn. They untangle easier and are just plain easy to work with.

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eatyourbiscuitBRONZE Member
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it took me two weeks of nothing but airwraps to get them. i found it easiest to get them by keeping your hands still for the duration of the wrap and only mooving them again towards the unwrapping portion of the move. I agree it is best to use socks for learning them, but once you have them with the socks the world is your oyster. Its much harder but i can do them with fire poi on dog chain, glowpoi on ball chain and i have been seen to do them with ribbon poi on cord... and to be honest if i can do them then anyone can. i found its just a matter of knowing how much force to put into the wrap and at what point to move your hands out of it...

i hope thats a help, if not just ignore my ramblings ubbloco

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the_mods_stole_my_nameSILVER Member
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i have just spent the whole weekend at falmouth attempting pretty much nothing but airwraps. i think i have pretty much goth them down just takes lots of practise and patience.

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