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hello everyone.

gettin into shows now, but im still twirling in my old jeans and black shirt, i now wana move on and get a wierd costume.

i do poi, some staff, some doubles, cross staff and fire eating, aswell as juggling and contact, so i need somethin that i can wear to do most of them in.

im proly lookin for somethin wierd, almost gypsy arabian. thing.

almost this kinda thing, but not, cos i know him.

im a guy too. so no skirts

please help, everythin welcome, no wrong answers etc etc etc

thanks alot everyone biggrin

cheers, pete


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This is pretty general advice, but some is better than none. Loose pants, vests and hats make for the best juggling/poi/object manipulation clothes ever. Loose pants so you can move. Vests, just...I think vests are cool and you can jam props into them. Hats are also cool, and they let you add a bit of personal flair. good luck! "So Miss, I think you win the prize... A mormon egyptologist in a firespinning chat room... that's gotta be a record of some kind" -NYC Thanks, NYC,but I quit mormonism now XD

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wear hippy clothes, big ass flared pants. some weird lace front shirt, a headband. dat would look cool. I can't wait to die, I'm going to Hell. They have fire down there!

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"and eating"
I do that too.


Depending on how messy you are at eating, I would try one, or a combination of, the following:
Here (Thats what this person did wink )


or, in the extreeme, one of these.
Obviously, you will need to put the food on the inside of the suit so you can actually eat it, but I reckon it will keep all the food in instead of spraying it over the walls.