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Posted:My bro recently showed me this movie because he thought I would like the spinning they had in it.
It was an incredibly cool movie.
It's all about shamanism and dancing and love and global village stuff smile Very nice movie!
It also had some clips of some nice dancing as well as some clips of Burningman spinners etc...
I think everyone should watch this movie asap smile
Once again it's called Liquid Crystal Vision.

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Posted:I own this DVD. A must for any psytrancer.

Raja Ram craps on a lot. Alex Grey is uber cool. Simon Posford is as humble as he is brilliant and there's lots of footage from parties around the world.

I usually watch this DVD when I start getting really jaded and cynical about the sydney doof scene. Reminds me of why I love to dance outdoor, to electronic music specifically aimed at my brain's theta rythms. smile

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Posted:damn.. is a great movie I know.. had it at home about three times.. so how come I still did not see it..? :,o( damn damn damn..

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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