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I have no doubt that this has been brought up before so dont worry about telling me to do a search. Just call me a thread necromancer.

Well. There certaintly are some colourful avatars out there. Also some nice animated ones.

My Personal favourite is Vixen's Avatar because it is mind numbingly cute. Mwa to you Kiss-a-holic kiss

Fair luna bright, fair luna moon
it shines at night but fades too soon
fair luna moon, fair luna bright
forever we dance
we dance under starlight

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Posted:Necromancy would be resurrecting an old thread

Cool Avatars


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Posted:That threads like 2 years old!

Should we continue? ^ ^

To do: More Firedrums 08 video?
Wildfire/US East coast fire footage
LA/EDC glow/fire footage
Fresno fire

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Posted:I had an animated one..the Yuna one. I like Glass's thats so cute! Valura, Kael, Pyrowill, flash and ofcourse you doctorskell...
i reckon mines okayish

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