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Posted:Hey everybody I have a school project called "Portland Oddessy" and I am either gonna put together a video or a photo album but I was wonderin if any of you have any photography tips?

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Posted:Hey there,

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If you mean tips as in Stil film, then yes - there is lots of information here, but to point you in the right drection, take pictures on a tripod, use a slow shutter speed and almost certanly do not take them when its dark....... just as the sun is going down gets best results (IMO)

As for video, well same as above really smile

Im not going to say do a search, as that wouldnt be that helpfull but there really is lots of interesting stuff to read on these boards all about taking pictures and footage of firespinning, if i wasnt sat at work wanting to get out the door id post you a few links but, you found your way here ok so go find your way around the endless boards of information here smile

Have fun biggrin

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Posted:if u have a flash with ur long exposure the person will be crisp and the trails still there

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Posted:sending you the notes from my photography course. Hope that helps!

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