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tau neutrino
Location: singapore
Member Since: 19th Oct 2001
Total posts: 35
Posted:i know you people travel... believe or not there are quite a few spinners in singapore (poi and staff)...

so if you are travelling through singapore to some exotic land and want a spin in singapore let me know.. i know the spots to spin... even beach bars where they treat spinners generously...:)

having a job and a life means that i get lazy to spin...and meeting someone new might just get my ass in gear and excited to spin...and i am getting bored with my styles.

i have access to eqipment. my friends have fire pois. i have staffs of all kind. short ones , 6 foot wooden ones, LED ones...sheesh...just show up already and have a spin!

pink poi

Member Since: 18th Mar 2005
Total posts: 1
Posted:Hey tau! i;ve just moved home to singapore from the UK.....would love to meet up when u ppl are spinning. picked up poi-ing at a music festival. absolutely loved it. i can be reached at dearpetal@hotmail.com


Location: Southampton, UK
Member Since: 31st Dec 2004
Total posts: 35
Posted:ello! im bows!
singapore...love that place! grew up there but back in the uk now!

seein as me folks now live in hong kong, im plannin a few trips to singapore and would be great to meet other poi spinners from there! u do anythin else?!

i mainly do club swinging, but picked up a rope dart at the weekend, and have a feelin its gonna be one of those never looked back things! he he! all good!

so u from singapore then?!

Live fast, die young and leave a good lookin corpse!

tau neutrino
Location: singapore
Member Since: 19th Oct 2001
Total posts: 35
Posted:hey there, i am originally from singapore...now i am back again.

I do staff work mostly. i have been hoping to do ropedart... havent gotten off my ass and made myself one... at least i have downloading videos!

I am hoping to get a 'regular' spin session going...will et you know when it happens! right now its all a bit ad hoc....

yeah do drop me a line when you get in town. or email me or something. Pm me if you want to local phone no...


Location: Manila
Member Since: 26th Apr 2005
Total posts: 7
Posted:hey guys, any spinning sessions for the chinese new year this january 2006.... il be in singapore, id love to meet fellow spinners.... keep in touch

" the hottest love have the coldest end"

The Misguided Oracle
The Misguided Oracle

the floor is a sea of tigers...
Location: Brisvegas
Member Since: 31st Aug 2005
Total posts: 404
Posted:well, i'll be there for chinese new year also, but not for very long (gotta rush back to brisvegas for uberoz smile )

now i just gotta convince myself that it'll be worth the effort to drag my staff along with me.

"My body is a well tuned machine... It just needs a competent driver." - ?


Location: Birmingham
Member Since: 12th Apr 2005
Total posts: 1502

I'm going to be in Singapore from 13th-22nd Feb 2007.

Anyone here from SG want to meet up for a spin? weavesmiley

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