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Forums > Technical Discussion > Burn gel Treatment / first aid help?

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Posted:Yo, A year or two ago i was in a welding bay, and picked up a peice of metal that was about 500C

ouch ville.
Pretty bad burn, worse than i've had from fire poi.

Now in the bay, they had this AMAZING gel
all i did was run it under the cold tap for a minute or 2
then put this gel on,
It was cooling, antiseptic and anesthetic,
and it set to form an hard skin over the burn
absolute magic
and it had aloe vera in it

In 15 minutes after a cup of tea I was back to work in a really dirty welding bay for the rest of the day
no infection, NO pain, and the burn healed really quickly, with no scar!!!

This stuff is the mutts nuts, and I'd like to get some to go in my first aid kit
Can anyone tell me what it was
Anyone use this stuff?
Anyone know what it was?
Anyone else think it would be a good thing to have?

it might have been like this stuff
br>or this stuff


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Posted:I have the same stuff in my EMT First Responder pack. It's called a burn pack. (Emergency Medical Technician - Medical Pack). Let me see if I can find a link to the stuff online.

The stuff under the links you posted is about the same stuff, it's pretty generic. Of course, once the burn is treated with this stuff, depending on the severity of the injury, one should probably still seek medical attention.


Location: Southern California
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Posted:(edit - links weren't working)

- Enter the item numbers on their site.

I have two of the BM709 dressings in my EMT bag.

The bulk pack of 5 larger dressings is BM705.

They also carry a professional grade pack, item BM013. This is the professional grade treatment pack, specifically for treating burns. Should have everything you need.

Again, having burn packs available helps during an emergency, but is no substitute for proper medical attention. I'd venture to say that if you had to use one of the above items, it's very likely that you should seek proper medical care.

Also, I'm not sure if Galls ships international.

Spin safe smile


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Fire coach - Cirque du Soleil
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Posted:I use Silverzine. It's been around for ages but you need a prescription to get it here in Australia. I just tell the doctor my profession and they give me multiple repeats biggrin

As far as i know Its the only thing that can be applied to 3rd degree burns. It contains micro particles of silver which is a natural antibiotic. Very good pain relief and scar healing.

Fire coach - Cirque du Soleil
Location: Bristol, UK
Member Since: 10th Dec 2001
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Posted:and heres a random site pick with some information on collodial silver

But buy a small machine that makes some (around $150) rather than any premade/bottled stuff as they charge a fortune.


Member Since: 29th Oct 2009
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Posted:I used to be with a dance group for 15 years and had a few injuries during that time. Some good things to always have handy are band aids, ACE bandages, peroxide, and Sportscream. It's also handy to have ice packs. And while all this I found a great site http://www.gotoaid.com,
which has helped me a lot know separately about humans and pets First Aid. Im pretty confident this will definitely help you out.

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