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Posted:I need to see this!
Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean are both involved. Excuse me while I drool slightly. Just found the website by accident.


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Posted:oh dear god I love that movie. I watched it with my boyfriend a few weeks ago when I was drawing his portrait and he really enjoyed it. unfortunately he also fell asleep through part of it but he was freakishly tired so I can forgive him...but yes...good movie, must see...


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I fell asleep watching it this week but ditto being really tired, I'm watching again this week from what I saw at the start it is MUCH better than pan's labyrinth that has recently come out...

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Posted:And th building they live in is just down the road biggrin

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Posted:I had huge hopes for it, and whilst it's ok, it's not amazing.

Then again, I'm a Neverwhere fan - anything else by Gaiman just dosn't hold up to it for me. Hell, I'm not even that keen on Sandman .... it's boring and rather predictable!

Love Gaiman, he's a dude; the bulk of his work however is a little .... blase/nonchalant/pedestrian ? Sounds too negative, but you get the idea.

Croup and Vandemar. Nuff said. wink

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Posted: Written by: Mynci

...from what I saw at the start it is MUCH better than pan's labyrinth that has recently come out...

eek Can't agree with you there. Mirrormask starts off brilliantly, but becomes progressively more detached as the film develops, and by the end I found myself thinking it was a bit too self indulgent. The viewer doen't really care about the character, nor is there any real dramatic tension. That said, visually, it's ubblove

Pan's Labyrinth on the other hand was wonderfully acted, beautifully restrained, and it didn't rely on visual trickery to cover up a lack of decent story. I also loved the ambiguous ending, and the unexpected brutality in places.

Both films are great, but Pan's Labyrinth is definitely the better of the two. smile

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Posted: Written by: blu_valley

And th building they live in is just down the road biggrin

haha! when i watch it i often think of you and living in brighton! which makes me feel like a git cos i dont actually know you! ubblol

And Pan's Labyrinth is WIKKID! But I dont think the two are very comparable because theyre both different genre as to the audience they market to. I think I prefer Pan's Labyrinth because it's a more mature film, but that's also because it was made for a mature audience. Also, Mirrormask was actually made with the intention of becoming a cult movie, whereas Pan's wasn't made with that intention.

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