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Posted:Hey All,Quack knows why I didnt think of this eariler..does anyone here synch their breathing to their movement?It's quite intergral to the katas I do as part of my studies in Kym Bushi Ryu, but for some reason I only just realised I could do it with my Poi'ing too...So of you ppl that have tried it, howd it go? what was your experience?Josh


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Posted:Fire breathing yes, regular breathing...I'd be afraid I'd hyperventilate! Though I understand what you are saying as we do the same in yoga....hmmmm...nice thought Josh! I'll have to see how I breathe first and then see if co-oridnates..if not then I will try and see if it adds any stamina to it...------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir..."I prefer not to go where there is a path but to blaze a new one!"

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:Hey Josh,Based on techniques from go-kan-ryu karate which I made a half-arsed attempt at (well for a year and a half) their breathing techniques when directing force/kicks/punches is pretty useful for really fast shows. There's this track by Wet Musik that I do shows to regularly and goddamn it is fast, breathing helps me here. I used to just hold my breath ( esp. indoor shows cos of the heat) but would get sooo fatigued sooo easily, it could not go on. For poi, cos I use the great big mother f*ckers Chris designed, each change over I do this. Give it a go & good luck!

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Posted:It would probably help you to focus your energy.hmmm... must try it.you're always thinking josh
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Posted:I've been thinking about learning fire breathing for a while, I don't think I would want to make it a regualr thing but It would be neat to know how to do. After all my first memory of fire was from a fire breather
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. I was thinking the way you'd have to incorperate it is by doing a onehanded move Breathe onto the pois that way you have a way to start the fire and a hand free with a damp cloth to cover your mouth to stop the fire.~spryte~-----------------------------------------Can you just picture me spraying water out of my mouth onto the bathtub wall practicing how to develop a fine mist
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Posted:I try to coordinate breathing with movement and circular breathing with circular movement. I'm sort of expanding off of a tai-chi background. The more I've practiced trying to be aware of my breathing, the more it comes naturally.Skye

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Posted:hmmm......i might actually try that 2-night.i gotta dance 2-night and i'll try it. maybe it'll help me poi better.i dunno. The TRUE Super Saiyajin, SsJ KaKaRoTtO

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Posted:didn't notice it until ya mentioned it, but i've realised that i some times breath in time to the music i poi to. But i'm curios, what do u do when spinning really fast and breathing in time, is it not like hyperventilating?---------------------------------"some see the world as it is and ask why?others see the world as they want to and ask why not?"

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Posted:well you dont breath on every beat, you get a rythm where lets say you breath in for 4 beats and them out for 4...just an example. ive noticed that i too breath in time with my poi and music, but i also breath in time with the music when i dance (and not just the beat, sometimes to different elements of the music, especially when doing liquids or miming). and yes i think i do credit this mostly to karate and the breathing exercizes we do. now when it comes to staff, i dont breath so much to the music as i do to the motion of the staff, ya know, what plane its spinning on, whether im throwing it or not, changing hands. blah blah blah.DRAKE

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Posted:what ive been working on with breathing....when you are concentrating really hard on something, like poi or, say, getting the stupid shimmy and being able to walk with it in belly-dancing (ok so we are so not up to doing the shimmy, walking with it and poi-ing at the same time!) your tendency is to either hold your breath, or else get all worked up and then breathing too fast. then you get cramps and get out of breath and start panting. dance teacher and tai chi teacher and probably any other movement teacher will always be telling you to BREATHE! so the trick is to get your breathing good and regular and slow, maybe while doing something easy you dont have to think about like forwards weave, maybe to music which is not really that fast, and then work up the speed but not your breathing speed. i think getting used to breathing while doing what you know makes it easier when you are learning new things. if you have the happy breathing rhythm you relax into it more and its easier learning stuff. question is, does this work when you have fire and theres kerosene fumes everywhere? i find that i want to breathe shallow when stuff is on fire. have had problems with the smoke triggering headaches sometimes but maybe thats just my tendency to get headaches...ooh maybe i could get one of those fun masks like michael jackson has! ha! maybe another time...happy spring!Peregrine

Posted:ahhh...I love this board!So much input
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a couple of points I thought of whlie reading this;- when the music is faster, and you are twirling harder / faster, your natural respiration rate will be higher...eg it would be hard to hyperventilate while running a mile...and so - breathing regularly, but faster, while the requirements on your body are higher, you should be fine...- if you twirl slow to the fast stuff, and dont time it all correctly, so your body is relaxed and your respiration rate is unneccessarily high, you could hyperventilate, which could be very dangerous with fire.Thankyou so much for your input all,Josh

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