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Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)

Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)

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Posted:i was working with some friends yesterday at moving around some road barricades for an event at CMU called buggy. we had to move these massive barricades (15feet long) made out of two by fours all the way across campus (which sucked because there were like 6 of them and they had to be moved in three pieces each) and chain them to a bikerack temporarily. so we get there and my friend pulls out a massive chain... about 8 feet long and weighing like 30lbs... and i thought, i've got to try...

so i spun it, with wraps and everything, my friends had never seen me spin so they were like whoa...

so, whats the hearviest/most dangerous thing you've ever spun?

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Toe Poking Bad Boy
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Posted:fire swords very tiring in the arms

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Posted:Joe Six Step's Flower basket poi, unlit.

That skinny man spun them lit...insanity, I tell you. Frodo spun them too.

I didn't spin them WELL, mind you, but I did a three beat weave...

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The Real Fryed Fish

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Posted:Gorilla poi,

this local guy makes them they're cathedral heads about 7 inches across, and 5 inches deep, doesnt sound like mych but when you light them they are heavy

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Posted:Doesn't this thread already exist?

I think all this would fit perfectly in strangest thing ever spun thread. ubbrollsmile

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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Posted:Beamers. That was quite enough danger to life and limb for me. biggrin

-Mike )'(
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had her carpal tunnel surgery already thanks v much
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Posted:full shopping bags. bad idea!

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Posted:sledge hammers, but that's been said in the strangest thing ever thread smile

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Posted:2 full handbags...
2 hocky sticks
ummm, probs loads more but i cant think now

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Flame Boy
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Flame Boy

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Posted:My 2 little brothers ubblol Dont worry, they deserved it!

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! My giant stick broke!!! In two!!! My stick broke in two!!! ubbcrying


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All the neurotic makings of America's lesser known sweetheart
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Posted:chains with 6 glowsticks attached to each (makes a rainbow wall of light when you spin them smile )

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Posted:one of my mum's mates has a pair of lead poi, and he was spinning, and some fool walked in his spinning path, and they knocked him clean out...

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Posted:I actually taught myself to spin using socks full of gravel which were pretty heavy, around 400g each - really good for finger strength actually, never have any problems holding other poi. Also consequential - teaches you not to connect with any part of your anatomy right quick (Like when learning the butterfly . . . ooooh).

However, I'm currently in a deep state of depression as I took them on roventure (camp for venturers - 15-18yo - and rovers - 18-26yo scouts) and one of the vennies, saying 'I can catch these!' Spun one fast and let go, sending said poi flying straight into the middle of a river. *cries ignomiously*

Apart from that, the heaviest thing I've ever spun was probably half-bricks. Hurt like BUGGERY if they connect.

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