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Hello spinners in the Brighton area!

We are starting a spinning space at the pressure point club every sat 2-4pm form the 5th march(my birthday!)We will have to charge 3 to cover cost of the club,but we have Dj paul my finger on the decks!jugglers/poi/staff and dancin feet welcome!

Hope you brighton kids can make it!
Let me know if you are interested!

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ooh i got given a flyer for this yesterday, I was going to head along this afternoon but I didn't get out of bed in time! I'll try again next weekend, I need to stop being so lazy...

How did it go? good crowd?

*robyn*BRONZE Member
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ooooo, fun. brighton would be a worthy road trip one saturday...

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I really enjoyed my first spin off at the pressure point! The crowd wre very active and alot of beer was had by all!

Must apologise to all jugglers as the lighting was a bit dim!I totally forgot I was running a workshop space not a afternoon rave!

Many thanks to the trickswap boys!Providing equipment and spreading the word!

Hope to see you there this sat!

jentheroo xx

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ooo brighton smile
its a bum cos i don't finish work until one frown
I'll see if i can get the hastings posse down there sometime biggrin

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Is this still taking place?

Some friends and I would love to come, if we could just get ourselves organised and actually wake up.

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Dread TravSILVER Member
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hey guys,
i think i might have to make a few of these sessions if theyre still up and running,
providing im not at work
hopefully see y'all there

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Well i finally made it down to the pressure point yesterday (only an hour late!) and was told everyone had moved outside to the level, which made sense seeing as the sun was shining and all, but i couldn't find anyone out there.. did you stay on the level or move down to the beach? what's the best way of working out where people are going to be (other than getting there on time smile )?

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