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Posted:Hey All,

Never know where to post these things, but it's quite general, and for anyone to answer so...
I have recently started a poi society at my university. It was very popular in the beginning and we had loads of members, but term starts in september and with the good old British weather, we have been confined, for the majority of the time, inside. So has anyone got any tips for keeping 50 frustrated poi spinners interested enough to not give up??

I know if we can crack them it'll be worth the wait till the summer, when they can show off all their new skills to their friends...

let me know what you think x

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Posted:i've never really done poi, mostly staff, but try flags, always good for indoor events and you can't burn anything! smile

or lights are always a nice change as well.... check out the photso pages on this site to see them...

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Posted:Will post back here tomrrow when im more awake.


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Posted:if any one in your society is experienced enough, why dont you run a series of weekly workshops to further every ones skills, that way come summer what ever you guys will do with your society if it is a university society then you can run it from local parks etc.

structured workshops are always fun and involving and every one can have a go, it will keep people interested because every week you will be teaqching them some thing different.
people will see it in themselves to help each other. try not to let them go over the top with the competative side, where newbies want to be better than others... every one has different levels of learning.

i would seriously recomd that you read the teaching others thread by arahsi, there are some very good points and views of the different ways to teach people some thing that they enjoy.

please do not forget that they will want to play with fire, i would recomend finding out and printing off any msds, safety articles from homeofpoi and take them along and do a workshop on the safety aspects involved.


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Posted:A tteh University of Kent juggling soc, theres 3 of us to run it.

umm.. we just bought a whole load of new toys with money from the university, so make sure you look into that too.

"So has anyone got any tips for keeping 50 frustrated poi spinners interested enough to not give up??"
If they enjoy it... they will continue to do it.
If they dont like it, they wont.

The problem with ours is the number of people attending. We have about 20 peoples names on the membership form, but hardly anyone turns up... so it just turns out to be an evening juggling with your friends which is great.

Have you thought about putting up flyers and leaflets around the campus advertising your society?
This way, more people will come along and as there are more people there, then others will feel more tempted to go along in future weeks, as they will not be going on their own.

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