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Little Celtic Festival to celebrate Beltane held by the Druids at Butser Ancient Farm, Last year we had over 1000 people turn up, if anyone's interesting in coming along just post. If you need directions then ask. It would be great for a good turn out, my B-Day's 2 days later and I'd like to set it off with a bang...or a roar.
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awww... this sounds nice an is quite near my girlfiend's mum's place but we'll be all the way down in brighton. have fun guys! smile

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so this was just about one of the coolest things i've ever seen!

20 foot high flames licking off the top of a 35 foot burning wicker womble biggrin

the sparks were lifting about 250 feet into the night sky ubblove

span loads of fire for the people who came to watch and had an absolutely amazing last spin from the embers of the man once the public had been cleared off site.

not to mention hog roast, badass folk singers, traditional roundhouses, a roman villa, a demonic deformed goat, ancient sheep and more druids than you can shake a fiery stick at smile

shame we didn't see ya mr strugz - next year perhaps?

cole. x

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dude i was gutted i missed this.......

however the night before continued on for some time

[Old link]

Glad you had a good one though dude........



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