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(OK so its a dumb question) but whats the best way to hold poi? I dont know if they are generally the same but these ones have 2 loops for your fingers. I've had the most luck with index/ring fingers but I still feel like I'm a danger to myself! Maybe I'm not using my hands correctly?

MedusaSILVER Member
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I love having the two finger graips...they are my favourites...

I usually loop mine onto my pointer and rude finger....

The only problem with two finger grips is doing one handed things with them.

StoutBRONZE Member
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I also have two finger loops, and I hold mine on my middle and ring finger, sometimes down at the base of my fingers, sometimes up at my knuckles. I find holding them down near my hand is better for heavier poi,,,like doubles, but holding them on the knuckles allows for more hand movement. I also find holding them near the hand is better for longarm spinning ( like flowers ) and going into hand wraps...I dunno if there is a best way,,,whatever feels the most comfortable in my opinion.

DomBRONZE Member
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Even when I'm using finger loops I have the string wraped round my hand to be held with my thumb against my index finger (can never remember which finger is which!).

But I think it's personal preference. You may want to try the loops different distances down your fingers. And try with your hand at different levels of stiffness - from a clenched fist to free and flexible.

And if you're still a beginner you'll not feel in total control of your poi for a long time. So just practise and experiment.

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I also like the stlyle Dom has decribed.

Does it not depend on if you are using socks or cones compared to tail poi?
The tail poi are on string with fingerloops at the end, so you are going to use the loops if they are there.
Also if you wrap the string round your hand would you not get rope burns or cut?


But i only use the way with the end of the come poi wrapped round my hand and then holding the poi with my thumb and first finger.

jinvincibleGOLD Member
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I also find that it is easiest for me to use my index/ring fingers, keeping the loops between the 2nd and 3rd knuckles. You need smaller loops for tight control, and ones with a bit of a grip help too.

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PyroWillGOLD Member
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I personally prefer two finger loops simply cos thats what i first started with and I feel like i have more control, but it really is personal preference, like with everything with poi/staff/porn, try whatever out and see what works best ubblol

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generally i use index &middle. but once you start doing hand transfers/throws/quick stuff, i just hold with whichever fingers are convenient

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vanizeSILVER Member
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the correct answer is: whatever way you like best.

I personally vary between several types of grip, depending on the move I am doing. I probably spend about 50 to 70% of the time holding as Dom suggested.


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_pOp_BRONZE Member
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I mostly find myself slipping only one finger in one of the hoops (usually pinky or sometimes ring finger) on the inside of my hand, and then hold the chain with the closed hand.
this way the poi won't get loose by accident, but you can slide it off quite easily if you want to change moves to throwing moves or something like that.

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JauntyJamesSILVER Member
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i enjoy it how medusa refers to it as her rude finger tongue


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