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Hi. A mate of mine wants to get a Glostaff Pro but they don't seem to have these in Germany so he's asked me to look around in England. Apparently Aerotech Projects makes and sells them, but they are a bit pricey. Does anyone know of any other manufacturers who make something similar or of other sources to get one of these things from a bit cheaper? All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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HoP sells globug staves in the store... although not programmable, they're pretty good... I'd go with either orange, yellow or orange+yellow, as their green LEDs are weak ...

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Personally I'd spend the cash on the Aerotech myself. I've got one and I love it to pieces.

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tell your friend to phone them up or order one online, much easyer that way, and it makes sure he gets exactly what he wants from them smile

I say go areotech as well they are brilliant biggrin

oh areotech are @
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feral tech has some...cant remember the a search its in one of the boards...but theyre still mad pricey

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