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Posted:So I signed up to another messageboard, sad but true, one about a particular spirituality which I've been getting into. I've been on there for several days, got involved in several discussions and just buggered about a bit as everyone was. I even wrote a couple of poems. It's just that sort of place.

I was so pleased to find such a nice little place that I spent about 2 hours this afternoon writing about lucid dreaming. I made a really long post, after having searched and ensured there were no other on the same topic, which surprised me a bit.

It was great! It told you almost everything you needed to know to get started, some info, a link to an artist who uses lucid dreams as a technique for finding images to paint, all kinds of great stuff. I spent ages doing it! I've never done something like it before.

I came back online a while ago to see if anyone had replied to it, confident in the knowledge that it's not the sort of place to let such things sink without a trace, and pretty certain that many there would find it very interesting.

But I couldn't find it.

I searched, I even went through all the threads in my history, until I established it had been deleted.

So I pmed the mod, but she told me my post was basically just an ad for (DISCLAIMER - this is not an ad for just because I have mentioned it. I do not endorse it as a commercial venture and would like to note that I sometimes find it quite patronising or annoyingly pseudo-intellectual, although to be fair it's often very interesting).

Thinking back, I realised that on an edit I'd put a link to the site in, thinking it was a good resource for people wanting to find more out about lucid dreaming. I pmed back, saying I was shocked that she'd interpreted my message as "basically a long ad for", that the information contained in it was stand-alone and that the link was only included at a later edit so that people could find out more - and besides, it was only a single link (I'm sure of that, as I dropped it in at the bottom of the page after going away and copying the url from a yahoo search).

I got a pm back telling me that in future I was to pm all messages to her before posting them, to ensure there was no advertorial content within them. She is convinced she saw two links to and tells me I am allowed to post what I like concerning lucid dreaming so long as it is unconnected to a commercial venture.

SO.. the moral of this story? Don't stray from good ol' faithful HoP where the mods are understanding and actually read posts before deleting/locking them smile

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Posted:Owww, that kind of allegation would sting. hug

But I guess they may have had problems with it before. Is there any way of proving to them that you have no links whatsoever with this site (other than being a fan wink )?

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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Total posts: 288 providing links to other places that deal with the topic at hand is considered commercial advertizement?

Geez... That's not a fault of the world as much as it's an over-mongering mod who doesn't know when they've overstepped their bounds...

At least that's one puppy's opinion...

Socks (Brough to you by DULUX! It... it IS "Dulux", right? They've got that sheepdog?)

I'm weird. Just work through that and we'll all be fine.

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Posted:There are other message boards?

You'll be telling me there's a world outside the front door next....

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Posted:naw, you're safe, cantus. the world is only on your computer. there is nothing out there but a stary void, and a little asteroid on which dwells a small man who will claim to the death that he is made of styrofoam packing peanuts. (DISCLAIMER: this is not in anyway an endorsement for styrofoam packing peanuts. in fact, i think that styrofoam packing peanuts SUCK!)


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