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The Real Fryed Fish

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Posted:Well we just got the news that my best friend is being involentarily re-extended, and being sent back to Iraq! So much for the news artical I read that said we were calling some 15,000 trops home I guess.

Forgive this whine session, but he just got home not evern 90 days ago. Things were geting back to normal, he was laughing again, and just generaly remembering how to live. Now this. I understnad that this is a war, and that this is his job, but GOD DAMN IT!!!!! Why so soon?

He was the only one out four friends that went over there to come home, so they send him back. Just like before they said he can leave any time in the next 10-30 days, and they wont give him any idea to how long he will be over there......again.......<sigh> I'm sorry to unload like this but it just hurts.

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Posted:Sorry to hear about that FF.

Best of luck to your friend and hope he'll be back home again soon

Take care

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Flame Boy

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Posted:Sorry to hear that bud frown

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Posted:Hugs to you. That is a royal bummer. hug

Welcome to the suckiness that is our country at the moment. So many troops are being re-deployed unvoluntarily because we do not have enough people signing up to join. No one wants to re-inact a mandatory draft, so this is the result. Even officers are being redeployed against there will, and there isn't anything a military person can do about it.


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Posted:i think that sucks. we are fighting a war i dont believe in and loosing friends and family in the process....all in my opinion for the greed of one man wanting oil.
lets hope there will be peace soon

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