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Flame Boy
Flame Boy

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AAARRRGGGHHH!!! My giant stick broke!!! In two!!! My stick broke in two!!! ubbcrying

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After 17 hrs i got the little beautie
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Posted:Any one notice the number on his T-shirt. ubblol

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The Real Fryed Fish
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Posted:i forgot what movie that's from, but its funny as hell

man Flame you ahve been all about jengajam today huh? wink

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Posted:^^ Dodgeball

very funny movie, and image. good find.



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Posted:oooooooooh love the movie, wish we had played it at school as i was a good aim and could of got my own back, the dvd with the extras is either out this week or next(uk)

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Posted:ok, i cant stop laughing now, well done youve cheered me up!

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