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Posted:I never thought I'd post a thread like this but anyway....

I saw SIGNS with my partner in crime last night and was blown out. Having seen M. Knight Shyamalan's movies I'm aware of his ability to create tension but Signs was a cut above IMO.

I'd strongly advise anyone who is curious or paranoid about ETs and what their motives for contact with earth would be to go and see this movie while it is at cinemas. Don't wait for the video/dvd release. I can not get some of the images or feelings I had out of my head. I'm finding myself wishing I could forget it simply to go through the experience of the story unfolding again.

For anyone who saw the sixth sense, where you knew something was going to happen and were tense waiting for it imagine almost a whole movie like that. This is a true thriller in the classical sense - no need for gratuitous special effects to create an atmosphere. Shyamalan has once again provided not just a movie but an experience.

I'm rambling...... GO AND SEE IT!!

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