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Posted:Heading out to ibiza on monday with a last minute flight deal and virtually a tenner in me back pocket. Gonna ask a question which came up recently but i can't find it... what do people do about taking their fire poi on planes etc... or do they just not? i want to take mine with me, they've not been lit yet but i'll christen them out there so they'll smell a bit on the way back. has anyone had experiences with customs whilst carrying poi? Maybe i could chuck the wicks after and buy/make new ones?

Also, never been to ibiza before so is there any particular place where spinners meet or is it one of those things where if there is i can't miss it?...

Argh i'm so excited i love last minute adventures

vaperloc...the mighty
vaperloc...the mighty

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Posted:I envy you in your trek.I have never been but will be goin someday tell me how it was.

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Very funny scotty now beam down my pants.
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Posted:will do ... when i finally find my way back hehe

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We've traveled with fire gear on planes before...
You'll have NO trouble with the NEW wicks.

But what you need to do with your sooty ones, is make sure all the fuel is compleately burnt out of it (you don't want the plane blowing up you know ) And if it's poi your traveling with... just wrap them up real good and put them in your luggage (not your carry on 'cause they scan that) It helps if you've only used a low oder fuel 'cause they don't find 'em as easy....

There really is no problem if there is no fuel left in them.... but I have heard stories of people having to take wicks off or even give up their fire gear when traveling by plane.... But if you make sure NO fuel is left in them (absolutely burnt out until you can not light them up) and if you pack them well, they wont even ask you and there will be no trouble.... we've done it before many times and it's all safe.

Happy Travels

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Posted:no problems with airport security? even in checked luggage, metal-screw objects which turn out to be incendiary devices. . . ?

and like vaperloc, you have me mad with envy. have a good time!

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Posted:back from the white isle. did fire poi for the first time... whilst shroomed up with my mates on a beach hehe it was a v mad experience! its true u just don't expect the sound and the heat it was a very cool night

ibiza in some ways dissapointed me, but then its my fault cos its exactly what u expect too in a way! for an island obsessed with music i think its a little too obsessed with house and fashion, i don't mind house but its there at every twist and turn. U'd have thought that something other than progressive house might be a welcome alternative but ah well!

missed out on DC-10 which sounded cool
i really wanted to check out some of the illegal parties and hippie places but what with lack of money time and being on holiday with other people with other priorities i didn't really 'do' ibiza my way properly. i was amazed at just HOW pretentious it is in places... AND just HOW tacky san an is despite stayin there! (hey it was the cheapest place to stay what can i say?)

bottom line tho i had a wicked time and i was really sad to leave (the sunshine especially) i'll def go back when i earn more money and have more time and possibly when i'm 21 and can hire a car hehe

anyone else got any ibiza opinions they wanna compare?

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Posted:I saw my first fire spinner there

I Ibiza.

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