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Posted:I was riding in the van with my family the other night when an "aunt" asked my mother where did she go wrong, all the while looking at me?

She then pointed out that my mother took alot of time trying to teach me right from wrong ideals such as...

Don't play with fire
Don't talk to strangers
Don't antagonize those you love......

You know, those types of things. I had a good laugh over this one, since I had never thought about it from that perspective before. It does make alot of sense. So I commented that she didn't go wrong she just emphasized the no drinking and drugs thing more than the others!

So, where did your parents go wrong? LOL

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Posted:my parents went wrong by not locking me in the attic like they should have the day i was born-lol
now look at me...all tattooed, pierced, playing with fire and running with scissors. I'm a regual mothers worry, lol.

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Posted:gee (* sheepishly duck my head *), i still haven't brought them up very well. . .

[Gen Y doesn't even try, and largely ignores them, but that's not nice, either, especially those with poor old orginal hippy parents who were lookin forward to easy, direct relationships, swearing they wouldn't be like their parents were when they were kids, and may even get called by their first names by their kids. i have a premonition Gen Z may do a much better job, ask me when they start to grow up. hey, how about Noah?]

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vaperloc...the mighty

vaperloc...the mighty

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Posted:By being police officers and letting me find out how to get away with it.

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:My parents tought me right from wrong. Tought me everything I needed to know to live life in a good manner. Then they kicked back and let me hang myself!! I think I have done pretty well, I aint dead, I aint addicted to drugs, tobacco or alcohol (though I did start on that road). Sure I play with fire but then again, there is nothing wrong with that.

Actually I think my parents did everything right, and then decided it was time for me to sink or swim, I can tread water pretty good now

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Posted:my parents brought me up to respect others, to follow the law and to be my one person and not follow the crowd.
i think the last one is the place were they got it wrong. now no one can stop me he he he he!

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Posted:My parents didnt go wrong... i did.. especially in my teen years... it was a case of "oh they just dont want me to have fun" so i did what i wanted to anyway..... i got a very rude awakening. A combination of that and a few other things i ended up with terrible anxiety attacks which have only eased since twirling. My parents are "cool" with the fact that i twirl... dad even tried it himself with some practice poi (smacked himself in the ear) Its the neighbours who are concerned lol

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Posted:I would be willing to bet that ALL parents enevitably ask the question "Where did we/I go wrong?" It's probably a moot point. First of all, once you hit about age 14, your parents no longer have control. All they can do at that point is hope they instilled the right values and taught you all you need to know. I think more parents should stop raising them actively and take a more passive approach during the teens. Help 'em when they really need it, otherwise, leave 'em alone...

I don't think my parents went wrong anywhere. They taught my brothers and I right & wrong, and they really tried to instill their values in me, but I kinda picked what I agreed with and ignored the rest. They couldn't have done too badly, I've never smoked or drank, did drugs, went to jail, killed anybody, or anything terrible...can you judge a parent by the results? If so, I think they did OK...

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Posted:my parents went wrong by thinking im innocent and believing everything i say e.g:
mum: uuhh..why does it smells of cannabis in your room
mum: oh...ok! *smiles and wanders off*
half and hour later in the kitchen
mum: uh...why you eating everything in the fridge are you hungry? i can fix you up a meal?
ha. she has no idea.

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