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Posted:If it is possible, I think that in each persons profile they should have a link to their own intro thread. That way if you checked someone personal profile you could find out more about them by following the link to their personal thread!!

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Posted:hmmm *scratches head* see thats why i have a link to my website... or atleast i think i do... i dunno im half asleep

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Posted:Along with a warning note and a sanity

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Posted:i started using just this feature , putting it in by hand in html, in our local OrangeFire website just yesterday, before i noticed this thread! i link into intro threads in the forum from 2 places, a member directory, and from the member's full-size member page if they choose to have one.

by the way, you can all have one at our site, for free. it's new, few of our e-mail list have sent in profiles for on-line yet, but it's a great free page for any pyro, and while we haven't set limits since we won't be deluged for a while, you can post a picture gallery with us too. its functions are (1) regional in SoCal (2) supplementary stuff HoP doesn't plan to cover, if we find unusual articles & things. and while the first member pages you'll see have a common format, we'll let you put up any kind of page and content you want, as long as it features you as a pyro, and when you download our little text Member Profile to fill out your content (assuming our standard format, at first) it mentions you could install a ready-made html page with us, or work with me (as volunteer) on something custom!

i'm happy to promote this among HoP members, as it's non-commercial, and seeks to fill out, for example with more pictures and personal details in a single-view personal way than threads usually do, the fire player's profile of any HoP member, so we can all enjoy each other more. in gatherings, we'll focus on our region, but after all, our home here shows we're already an easy global community, so no boundaries on considering yourself also having a room addition at OrangeFire. it lets people in our area, in much of which fire is just getting off the ground, see more of fireplay around the world and what they can grow into, and encourages them to come explore the full experience here at HoP.

in fact, you can put a link to your member page at OrangeFire in your Intro thread first post, and i'd be happy to make a button for it there, using little graphic load time, and keeping the image storage on our site!

so i'm already a fan of your idea, Jez! here's our location, to check out how you like it in practice:


the reason we chose a UK site was that Lycos UK allows hotlinking, so a picture you have in our galleries can be posted up elsewhere. most US free hosts don't allow it. and for an ad site, Lycos' ads are pretty mild, and when they drop down from above a few cm (inch or two), when you mouse at them they often just fade away without a click. we got 100MB to start, over 2 related site names.

i'm in favor, in the kind of site design we'd like to nourish, of easy, explicitly known connections between topics, when possible, including personal info which you choose to make obvious and to link for anyone visiting your content there.

so glad to see your post.

at HoP, many people's Intro threads become lost in back pages after a while, so i would personally find it very convenient to click into their thread and not have to do a separate search, which for my habits means popping up another page, not so bad, hardly disturbs my main browsing page(s), but then most of the time i'm on a slow dial-up comp myself, and so it gets to be quite a drag.

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