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Posted:I've been playing this game for a while now and have been too lazy to post it up here but anyways here it goes.

Who Can Twirl the Funniest Thing?
Players: 2 or more.

1. Walk into a shop of any description, I reccommend junk shops and $2 shops.

2. Find something funny to twril with.

3. The next person finds something funnier to twirl.

4. Take it in turns until the funniest thing to twirl is found.

5. This is primarily a poi game because impro staffs in shops tend to be not very funny. (brooms, rakes etc.)

6. To prove that you can twirl the thing you find you need to be able to do the following moves (minimum) with it:

3 Beat Weave
Overhead Butterfly

7. Enjoy!

I find that toys are the funniest. My favorite so far are these dog toy pigs I found in the Reject Shop they made sqeaking noises as I twirled them.

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Posted:Dog toy pigs hehe thats pretty good. I will have to make a run to Wal*Mart

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Posted:Funny stuff (at least in my opinion) that have I spun with:

Kraft mac&cheese boxes,
Matchbox cars,
speakers at the end of their wire,
shoelaces with the shoes still on them.

there are a few more but they involoved 'adult' items and a gentleman does not discuss such things

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Posted:I regulalry twirl with the bags of buns or bread I've just bought from the bakery. I must have looked a sight last week, twirling my bags, knocking off my glasses, losing (and finding) a lense, screwing it back in, then continuing to twirl down the street with my bags of bread. Didn't actually realise I had an audience up above on a balcony


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Posted:That's okay Ade - you live in Newtown!! No one would have thought any differently....

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Posted:lets just say ive come up with some interesting thins to twirl in my time (the whole5 months of it any way)



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Posted:clothes on hangers

I smell something burning.


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Posted:best thing i found is a couple of chrismas trees with fiber optics embedded in them, that and some Burt and Ernie poi....


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Posted:um, maybe those old keyboards with the cords on them...


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