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Posted:Ok, so this has been bothering me for a while. So I figured I'd get it out. Now I'm sure most if not all of you have seen at least one non-smoking add on t.v. as well as a beer or liquor commercials, but have you ever noticed the WORDING to these adds? The anti-smoking ones are all basically ther same, Smoking kills, cause lung cancer. Hell glued to the back of my pack is a little pamphlet that informs you in detail the risk of smoking...........we get it its bad for you!

Now, alcohol adds tell not to drink and drive, or think when you drink, or drink responsibly.........see the differance, I'll make it easier..........dont DRINK and drive......think WHEN you DRINK......DRINK do you see? We're saying "Hey you can't smoke 'cause its bad for you, but it's just fine to drink." No mention of liver damage, or killing of brain cells, or, my fav, alcoholism. Now yes i know there is info out there to inform people on those side effects, but why is it not played as much as anti-smoking adds?

Alcohol related accidents casue more and more deaths in this country every year. Familys and lives are destroyed over alcoholism. I have never meet anyone that has hit a family member while he/she "had on to many cigarettes"...........any one else my problem with this??????????????

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Posted:FF, I totally agree with you on this one, its disgusting how they stress everything that smoking does to your health, and yet over here in England the ONLY adverts I see on alcohol are about dirnk driving and to be honest I probably only see less than 10 during the space of 11 months and then when its christmas they show them more and its always dont drink and drive at christmas, apart from that I hardly ever see any alcohol related adverts, yet probably see a smoking one every day.

I'm doing a film course and will make a note to defiently make an advert on damages of alcohol smile

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Posted:I fail to see how your point results in larger sales for major corporations.


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Posted:Problem is a lot of the sie effects of not drinking responsibly are seen as funny by many people or not that serious. Think how many times you may have joked about someone getting a bad hangover or being sick from drinking too much.

It's all real life damage to the body, but as it's voluntary it's not seen as a social problem until you affect other people's lives negatively.

You don't get people hitting other people because of too many cigarettes (maybe too little?) but you do get people slowly choking to death from lung cancer because their father smoked too many fags. It's all bad, just different.


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Posted:i've got a thing against caffine at the moment, *pauses to sip coke*, has anybody read the article about caffine in January's National Geographic? its got some really interesting infomation in it(not that i can find a link to it) but it really started to make me compare the use of alcohol and the use of caffine on the same level. both are drugs. both can have long term mental effects. both are addictive. both are redily available. its just amazing at how similar the can be viewed.

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