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Posted:So I'm kind of in this strange spot. I believe that the secret to staying young is to always try new things, to always go after new experiences.

So why is it that I'm happiest when my life is stable and predictable? Why can't I naturally crave chaos? Right now, I still don't have my home DSL connection set up, I've just moved again (from Cali back to Michigan) and I am actually sort of happy about the fact that I'll be living in this place for the next three years.

I don't get it. Ok, I hate moving. Who doesn't? It's a lot of work. But right now, I'm not so upset about being back in Ann Arbor as I am about the fact that my life hasn't settled down into a predictable rhythm. But a "predictable rhythm" is exactly what I've tried to avoid in my life. I want new experiences, new challenges, new people...

So why do I look forward to three years of walking in the same door? Because it's convenient to know that I'll have a "permanent address" now? Because it's a nice house?

I dunno, I guess I have this neurotic thing about convenience. I believe that an abundance of convenience has robbed us of our very humanity and is robbing us of our health. On the other hand, without these conveniences, I wouldn't be able to function in our society that depends on the very existence of those conveniences.

I guess I'm probably not making much sense right now, am I? I just guess I'm afraid of getting old and boring.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Wait untill you're in your mid thirties ..then the fear of getting old and boring really sets in lol



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Posted:i think people are kind of programmed to wnat things to be easy. i knwo i wouldn't haev wanted to run around and have to move all the time and stuff before, and the only reasons i'm up for it for the next few years/while is b/c a) i've mentally prepared myself for it and b) i've chanegd a little of who i am in the past year to be a traveller, and one who is not attached to things. (or at least is less attached, i dunno how this packing thing is gonna go.)

I think what your feeling is pretty normal. you don't have to be old nad boring just cause you live in one place! just do fun things, travel, you know, i knoww you prolly can't do much of that in school, but i guess i wouldn't worry about it too much just this yet

it does kinda make sense, what your saying. more sense than i make!

lotsa luv, kyri

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Posted:I'm 25yrs old.
I have two cars, a house, big screen, leather furniture, etc....
I love it, but it's liquid. I COULD do without it, but for now I don't have to.

Wanting and needing are two very different things.
I want my material possesions..but I don't need them. I'm interesting enough without my stuff.. Unlike many people, my things aren't who I am. What am I saying? I dunno! =-)

I think you can figure it out...but for now be happy you're probably also like me.
Independant, AND flexible.

Don't sweat the little stuff...or however that saying goes.


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Posted:MikeyG, fret not cause that's what guitar strings do.....
no wait... I'll come in again....
/walks out of and back into forum
ouch that hurt
/opens door and tries to walk back into forum
argh stoopid forum slapshtick
where was i? oh yeah, i was saying that jobs, hair, affluence, firesticks and left socks all come and go, but as a social animal, good friends and family are the only real requirement for stable happiness. Know this! then everything else is subordinate and is easier to deal with! eg. who gives a damn about getting to work on time if your friend needs to go to the doctor? this was a problem i had faced once at my last job, but seriously, how does even a job compare to the real important things in life?
I understand your concerns if your life feels like a shifting dune, but remember in Buddhism that impermanence is not the cause of your sadness. it is the perception, the wishful thinking that certain aspects of your life, existence was permanent that causes unhappiness - the solution? enjoy it today. all of it!
that job!
that hair!
that firestick!
(ima not sure about the left socks tho )
remember to hang on tightly, and let go lighty!
and keep in mind, ya can't spell akjhglkjsghsmilekjfhgkfd without spelling smile!

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Posted:on the more sensible side of things... (sorry bender ` )
i have just moved house for the thirty third time in my life, and i know before this year is out, i will be up to move 34.

Chaos is good, embracing the chaos is great, BUT! everynow and then, your physical, mental and emotional state needs to be recharged. For someone who has travelled, and moved as often as i have, i now know, that every few years or so, i need a period of stability. You just get sick of moving, or having things turn upside down on you.

Its normal, its neccessary, and trust me, you'll be sick of it before too long, and looking forward to causing some mayhem again. so! enjoy it while it lasts! think of it as a transition period, if that makes it less scary. You are not old, you are definately not boring! `

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Posted:Just remember that it isnt so bad untill you have to start paying off those student loans!!

Just kidding man your back home now, thats great. I went home for the first time in almost 3 years back in the begining of June. I envy you man, welcome home!!

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I think there is a huge difference between welcoming new experiences and a lack of stability.

I know that I absolutely love the fact that certain aspects of my life are very predictable. It is that very stability that allows me to go out and do crazy things on my terms.

I recharge myself by surrounding myself with the familiar and safe. Then, when strong enough, voluntarily jump into chaos. But it's the foundation that allows me to do that. And the knowledge that I can always run "home" if the chaos becomes too much.

During the times in my life when I did not have such a foundation, I was unable to deal with additional chaos as I did not have my sound foundation.

As for getting old... I thankfully have friends who are even older than myself and they are far cooler and have just as much fun.

Er... I think I'm rambling in response to your rambling... In summary:
1) It's natural to feel unstable if life is chaotic in areas that you prefer then to be stable AND to prefer stability in certain areas. It doesn't mean you prefer stability/boringness in all areas.
2) Don't worry about getting old, because you can always hang out with me.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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