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Posted:What would you do if:
Your mother said you made her sick , Your younger sister hated you , and your dad forgot your birthday........?
Could you answer me cause i'm really sad right now and nobody at school could answer this question.
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Posted:buy a hampster killing device
and kill some hampsters

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Posted:hey.....that might work.......


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Posted:Before I tell you what I would do here's some (((((((hugs)))))))

If my Dad forgot my birthday I would ring him up and say "Hi dad you forgot my birthday where you taking me to make up for it?" The thing with Dads is they are not that attentive on dates and things. When I was a kid my Dad took me to go pony trekking and not only did he not know my birthday or age he couldn't even spell my name properly We still laugh about it now

If my mum and sister were being like that I'd make an extra special effort to be nicer to them. I have found that when I get bad reactions from my family/close friends it is a good time to take a long hard look at myself. What I usually see, when I am being completely honest with myself, is that I am not being a very nice person and this is creating negative vibes for other people's egos to feed off.

Edit I mean negative egos, like anger and hatred which feed off each other.
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Are we nearly there yet?

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Posted:thank you thistle. I just wish that i could do something better i have already done eveything i could do to make people like me.......but i guess no one likes me*tear*.

.:* Moon Pixie *:.
.:* Moon Pixie *:.

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Posted:Killing hampsters isn't the answer (poor little things)

I would go outside, with the sunshine, the beautiful birds singing in the trees, the flowers blooming in the garden, the butterflies flittering about the lively buzzing air, the clowds forming beautiful patterns in the sky and try to focus on what is wonderful in this world!

By night there is the moon up in the sky just waiting for you to talk to her... She is the best listener... the stars twinkling ubove you, a warm blankie to snuggle up under, a cloke of darkness to feel safe and sucure.... Or go outside and light you fire toys and have an awesomely good twirl! The fire will clense your spirit! It is a tranformer... Out of the old and into the new (If you want to get all new agey about it ) Just dance and twirl till all the worries in the world have disapeared from your conciousness....

There is alot of good in the word too!

If you life doesn't feel good... do something about making it become the most beautiful fairytale imaginable!

Go out side and smell the flowers! whistle with the birds! twinkle with the stars! and shine like the sun!

*:...one day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

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Posted:Thank you moon pixie but everything in my place is dead, and the birds stopped singing to me a long time ago.....the moon has stopped listening to me years ago, and my life has sunk into the hole of eternity.....i don't even feel like living anymore......
*cries himself to sleep*
life is a waterfall: S.o.A.D.

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Posted:Take it from one who knows, and is on medication for it, the only person who can sort this out is you. You cannot wait for others to realise their mistakes, or reactify their bad behaviour, or make the trees grow and the birds sing. You will be waiting forever.

Look into yourself, to see whether this down feeling is a constant, if it is, maybe you need to talk to someone. If you are just feeling sad, stop feeling guilty. You are allowed to be sad sometimes, and if you let yourself be sad, you will let yourself be happy too.

Talk to people. Figure out what you need to change to make you feel good again, then plan how to make it happen. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Receive hugs with a smile....


It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...

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.:* Moon Pixie *:.

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Posted:So go to shop and buy yourself some flowers! Or go some place where things do feel alive and happy!

Here's a hug from me!


and some magickal .:*fairy sprinkles*:.

And look man, the moon is always there... The birds always sing and the earth is always alive... And there is always Love out there even if you can't see it right know...

Don't give up on happiness...

Life is way too good!

I know that right know things may feel like shit and you may feel like there is no way out... But there always is.... Just as the stars are always ubove you at night.... if you would only look up to see them sparkling down on you! You can not even see stars if it were not for the darkness of the night sky... Please do not forget that there is light in the darkness... just waiting to be found and cherished

Don't forget about all the good stuff.... you must know... deep down... that all that good stuff outwieghs the bad any day.... even on the darkest of days there is still love and light to be found

*:...one day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

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Posted:Moon Pixie has many good words there Shinova.....

I think no matter what we tell you you are going to argue. I think that for some reason you have to be sad right now, and i think it's going to suck and hurt and stuff. I think there's a reason for this, and you might never know why. Or you might find out years and years later. I don't think you'll belive me. I never belived anybody.

I think that you're dad still loves you, dad's can be very horrible with dates, and sometimes they just do things like that. I doubt ur younger sister hates you, b/c even in teh most hateful families you usually find bonds very deep and well hidden. I think that your mother might be sick right now and might need support. and you might not even be able to be the one to give it. You didn't make her sick, she made herself sick. You are never responsible for other people's problems. You can make things worse or better but only if they let you.

read that last sentance again.

You do need to look within yourself for the answer. you need to try and enjoy things, even very very little things. If you can't enjoy anything at all, you need to find help. Help from someone local.

only you make you feel a certian way. if someone else affects you, it's cause you let them. i'm actually serious. it's hard sometimes. but if you try long enough hard enough, it's worth it

now here's a hug
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and you can pm me if you like

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....


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Posted:quote: Killing hampsters isn't the answer (poor little things) Of course killing hamsters isn't the answer. Hamsters are to be used as fire poi Or fire penguin (but possibly Cantus is the only person that will remember what that is about).

As far as your problem goes:
Things always seem horrible when you're 14. I know this sounds stupid an cliche, but by the time you turn 21 all of this that you're going through seems so small in retrospect. I know this is probobly meaningless to you right now. People told me the same thing when I was 14 and I basicly said "fuck you clown! You don't know me, you don't know what I'm going through..." Just keep your head down, and try to stay sane and not shoot up any high schools When I was 14 I thought the world hated me, that no one understood me, that my parents were against me and on and on and on. I spent all my time smoking pot and playing guitar and mostly somking pot (exept for when I was sleeping, getting drunk, tripping, doing lines or some girl). All I'm saying is that it gets better, I promise. In four years you'll be 18 and you can tell everyone to fuck off if you want

And if for somereason when you turn 21 all of this doesn't look any diffirent, well then you're 21 and you can always turn to your friend Jim "Jeebus" Beam.

Jesus helps me trick people.

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Posted:if your family members are mean pooo heads, ignore them and grow closer to your friends. Sometimes friends make better family that those who are our blood. And everyone on HoP is your friend, i am for sure. *hugs Shinova* feel better and life is always worth living.

rocketfire_tothemoon@hotmail.com CARPE DIEM seize the day and you will never regret your actions

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Posted:Hey shinova first of all Big hug and happy birthday

I won't repeat what others have said, but I will say your not the only one who has been through this.

Your family will Never stop loving you no matter what you do, But life is about understanding, you have to take a step back and see how the things that you do effect other people, If people do things that make you sad, tell yorself that you will try not to do those things to other people,

I've been through alot of emotional termoil within my family, my parents and my brother are all sick This makes me sad but I do what I can to help, I listen I talk and when I can I give objective advise.

I'm sure you've got alot of love to give the world, don't let things get you down to much,
And don't ever say you don't want to live any more,
The world has so much to offer you, unending happpiness, the world is a buetiful place, take time to stop and just look around you to find things every day that make you feel happy,

If you ever neeed to talk just PM me, I don't bite. we all like you I know this is a website but we all share our thoughts and views and you can get to know people really well if you make the effort.

Keep smiling and think happy thoughts

sending much love n calming thoughts

ask yourself this??.......... When was the last time you dug a hole you could be proud of???
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