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(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
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Posted:I just finished reading the last book in Frank Herberts Dune series. I stayed up to three in the morning last night to finish it. I reccomend these books to anybody who enojoys science fiction novels. I see why people liken these books to the LoTR novels. I have to go to the library today and check out the books his son written as preludes to his series. Has anyone else read any of these novels?

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Posted:^_^ good author, read the first two


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Posted:Ive only read Dune, loved it though, recommend it to anyone.

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Posted:read the books, saw the movies, played the game on my old sega, i love Dune, but i cant get any of my friends to sit thru the whoile movie......

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Posted:i started reading one of his books, but then left it on the window sil, and it rained in and wrecked the book, and i havnt been able to get hold of it since frown

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(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
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Posted:His son is coming out with a Dune 7 (unnamed as of now) h\whic will wrap up the original series since it just kind of leaves you hanging. fryedfish have you read the books his son wrote the legend and prelude to dun series also? I just started House: Atreides.

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Posted:The games were great! well, at least the second one. My Harkonnen siege tanks\devastators made the Atreides scream like little girls.

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Posted:Loved all of them!! now, with a minimum of spoilers...

The Second Prequel Trilogy is set Hundreds of years before the life of Paul Maud'Dib and concentrates on the formation of the great houses major, the discovery of Holztman fields, the shocking destruction of the Old World, The rise of the Spacing Guild, but mostly of all, the great war with the Thinking machines, their emotionless tyrant Omnius and his scheming 'Titan', Agamemnon. In This series, the Free Men become Fremen in their journey to Arrakis. (Shakily written, some characters were one dimensional)

THe first prequel trilogy (House Atreides, House Harkonnen, House Corrino) follows the lives of the fathers, the relationship between house Atreides and House Ix, The plan that set into motion the transfer of Arrakis from house Harkonnen to house Atreides. You see the pitiable life of Gurney Halleck and the abominable fate of his family at the hands of the baron Harkonnen, the sacrifice inherent in teh training of of the Swordmasters of Ginaz. You learn about the love between the Duke Leto and his Bene Gesserit Concubine Jessica causing an early fruition of the breeding program for the Kwitsatz Haderach, the ultimate super-being (kinda like blue-cat, but with a David Lynch flava wink ) The sad life of Paul Atriede's younger brother and the intricacies of life on caladan are in this series.

The first trilogy is set at the time Paul Maud-Dib becomes the messiah.
the movie is set in the first book.
dune messiah is about the fate of jihad, the
children of dune is about the heirs of maub-dib's powers.
We see the Jihad run it's course, it's consequences last millenia....

the second trilogy is set decades to thousands of years after the life of Maud'Dib
it is about the the powerful Honoured Matre, returning from The Scattering at war with the Bene Gesserit. The Tlelaxu order are at their most interfering.
A very bloody trilogy, it goes into great detail about the powerfully feminine world of the Reverend Mothers and their physical and antropological abilities, particualry their ability to speak with our ancestors locked in Other Memory.
The last, sixth book leaves us on a cliffhanger and hints that the ultimate power are weilded by sensient, reproducing, telepathic face-dancers.

book 7 was outlined in notes and unearthed in a locker months after Frank Herbert died. it's discovery led to the momentum that thrust Brian Herbert and Keven J. Anderson to undertaking the crushing burden of finishing this magnificent and respected saga. they will finish the manuscript for this last.

The Sci-fi channel miniseries focus on the first trilogy.
the first triple DVD set touches on the first book,
the triple second DVD set touches on the second and third books.

There is a short and long version of the MAGNIFICENT david lynch/dino de laurentis movie available everywhere, there is a 4 hour long pan and scan version of the TV edit of the movie that disgusted lynch. I have *no* idea how to complete my collection: the 8 hour cut of the movie!

ps the Exxos soundtrack for the original video game (which some consider to be the proto real-time strategy game (see dune II for the first!)) has amazing production that u usually find in contemporary ambient psytrance!!!!

ps i love dune smile

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Posted:just finished children of dune. and am watching the series this exact moment. excellent on both paper and film i'd have to say.

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Posted:Written by: Fryed Fish

but i cant get any of my friends to sit thru the whoile movie......

if they are really your friends, why do you try and make them watch the film?!!?? wink

seriously, the film was massively cut by the studio and as such, ended up a complete mess.

it really should have been split into two films frown

its cool if you've read the book and know what the hell is supposed to be going on but otherwise, its useless.

by the time of the final edit, david lynch wanted to take his name off of it and have nothing to do with it at all.

still, that's what you get when you turn in a 4 hour cut of a sci fi movie i guess, no matter how good it is...

cole. x

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Posted:If you were unhappy with the movie - check out the mini series done by... the space network, I think... It was done in 3 2h installments, and is very, very good! They've done Dune and children of Dune so far. (I like Children better...) My dad, brother, and I like Dune biggrin Unfortunately still on my reading list!!

And I sooo knew Bender was going to post on this thread! And if he didn't, I would get someone to show it to him!

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Posted:The original is an absolutely stunning piece of work, awesome in scope and vision as well as being a damn fine piece of storytelling. The Frank Herbert sequels never quite touched on the same heights as the original, but are still all very good and well worth a read. The Brian Herbert prequels are okay; they get better with each subsequent book (apart from Battle of Corrin, which seemed very rushed and not very well thought out in places), but aren't in the same league as any of the originals.
I thought the film was just laughable (weirding modules?? what??), but maybe the full version is better. umm The tv series were okay as faithful adaptations of the main parts of the story, but lacked the depth of the books.

Dune 2 was a great game biggrin


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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:orangebobo: "He shall know your ways as if born to them!"

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