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Location: Rochester, NY, USA
Member Since: 19th Jun 2001
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Posted:I picked Pele up from the hospital today. She plans to rest a lot today but may get online tomorrow.

I'll do my best to provide details tonight. If you ask any questions expect me to take at least a day to answer them as I have to tend to her first.

I just wanted to let you all know.

FYI: I am not Pele. If you wish to reply to me and use a short version of my name, use: PWB.

English? Who needs that? I'm never going to England. - Homer Jay Simpson


the henna lady
Location: WNY, USA
Member Since: 15th Dec 2000
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I was firebreathing. I aspirated the fuel into the air, took my step back and the wind shifted. Instead of going where I wanted it to, the fuel ended up my nose and into my lungs. I immediately took charcoal caplets for any that got into my stomach. Vomitting started for me nearly immediately. Within 3 minutes we called 911, and I was at the hospital within 16 minutes.

They took x-rays of my lungs, told me I was fine and sent me home. Over the night I developed a raging fever, a cough, weakness, shakes and so the next day I went back to the emergency room. The xrays of my lungs this time showed they were in bad shape and I was admitted to the Batavia hospital. The lung specialist told us the next day they weren't equipped to handle an injury of my magnitude so they transferred me to Strong in Rochester (about 40 minutes from where I live).

The last thing I remember is a guy in the ambulance trying to put a tube down my throat, only I was medicated so I didn't know it was a tube. I thought he was trying to rape me so I started to beat him up. I guess after that I was restrained for awhile, but I don't remember 2 1/2 weeks at all, which I understand is a good thing because that is when I was the most sick.

It's really hard. I can't walk far or do most of the things I used to. I see the world, I can even touch it but that's all I feel like I can do. I cried last night for the first time over this. In the hospital I was too busy being strong and brave. I know everything will come back to me in time, but sometimes I can be very impatient.

What is wonderful is I got to sleep last night without being woken up by a psycho room mate, or doctors needing blood and vitals. It was nice to be near PWB too, who is doing a wonderful job taking care of and supporting me.

Thanks again all....more than words can say!
much love

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK


The Ministry of Manipulation
Location: Bristol
Member Since: 8th Nov 2001
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Posted:do some serious mending
and the 3 of you look after each other
sending you some warm thoughts
**gentle hugs**


Location: The Phire Kru
Member Since: 19th Aug 2002
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Posted:Good to have you back with us Pele, from what I've been hearing you're pretty much the life and soul of the party here!!!

It sounds like a particularly nasty thing to happen but it sounds like you've got good people looking after you and obviously there is plenty of love oozing from here!!!
It's good that you're apreciating your son, he will give you more strength and things will get better so much sooner

All the best and I wish you a speedy recovery.


whats up with all the limitations?

Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

Enter a "Title" here:
Location: San Diego California
Member Since: 31st Dec 2001
Total posts: 2905
Posted:Pele, I am so glad to hear that you happy, well happier. You gave us all quite a good scare. It really makes my day to see you posting again.

Some Jarhead last night: "this dumb a$$ thinks hes fireproof"

Mark P
Mark P

old hand
Location: Bath, England
Member Since: 26th Oct 2001
Total posts: 1031
Posted:glad to see that you are out and recovering Pele

The human body is a remarkable thing isnt it, recovering from such a terrible situation. I know the healing process will take a while but now that you are out of hospital you can concentrate fully on your recovery.

Sending strength through my thoughts,

Mark P


Location: Paris, France
Member Since: 15th Jan 2001
Total posts: 356
Posted:I'm glad to hear you are okay Lynne.

Best of luck and strength to fully recover. I hope the little boy is being strong. Has he improved his drumming skills yet?


Nomad, the guy with a funny accent


the henna lady
Location: WNY, USA
Member Since: 15th Dec 2000
Total posts: 6193
Posted:My son Noah is fine. He is actually living with my parents in Batavia so I can fully concentrate on recovering. I didn't get to see him for four weeks in the hospital. I swear in that time he grew! Anyway, yesterday when they visited he asked about the bandage on my neck and wanted to know what it was. I told him it was from where the doctors had to put a hole in my throat for me to breathe. His response was all boy "Cool. Can I see?" He didn't get to but at least he isn't terribly upset about all this. My mom and my sister tell me when they take him to church he always asks for people to pray for his mom. I know I am in his thoughts.
Thanks for thinking of him as much as me.
And yes Nomad, he is getting pretty good!


Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK


Location: Lancashire, UK
Member Since: 23rd Mar 2002
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Posted:Great news!! Welcome back Pele!!!

Max repect & healing energy to you

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Location: San Diego California
Member Since: 31st Dec 2001
Total posts: 2905
Posted:Honestly I had not thought about your son Pele. I am glad to hear that he is taking this so well.

I kinda feel bad that I forgot about him.

Some Jarhead last night: "this dumb a$$ thinks hes fireproof"

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Member Since: 28th May 2001
Total posts: 13920
Posted:I've just settled in in Ann Arbor and I had been wondering how you were doing, Pele!


I know, I know, it still sucks. But it's going to end, you'll get better, and because you don't plan to breathe fire again, it won't happen again.

I'm so glad you didn't give up on fire performing altogether, I was secretly afraid that you might get discouraged, but I reassured myself that your fighting spirit would get you back on your feet and blazing again.

I'm glad they took good care of you in the hospital and I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery to 100%.

WELCOME BACK!!!!!! ***huge hug for Pele***

-Mike )'(
Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

"A buckuht 'n a hooze!" -Valura

Location: Austria (not Australia :-))
Member Since: 4th Jul 2002
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Posted:Pele, I'm glad your'e well again!!

Best wishes from Ignis

the twelve names for fire:ignis, coquihabin (quia incocta coquendi habet dictionem), ardo, calax ex calore fragon ex fragore flammae, rusin de rubore,fumaton, ustrax de urendo, vitius quia pene mortua membra suo vivificat, siluleus, quod de silice siliat, unde et silex non recte dicitur, nisi ex qua scintilla silit...aeneon, de Aenea deo qui in eo habitat, sive a quo elementis flatus fertur.(The Name of the Rose)

Location: in the minds of many
Member Since: 14th Aug 2002
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Posted:yay for PELE......
life is a waterfall.:S.O.A.D.

Location: London
Member Since: 8th Dec 2001
Total posts: 30


I mean, ouch...

That's some of the most serious pain i've heard anyone get for quite a while. My thoughts go out to you Pele.

I'll definitely think about this before the next time i consider spitting some fire. Thank you for the more than adequately demonstrated warning!

Can't write anymore - i'm learning to type properly, and frankly its hell.


Location: The Birthplace of BlackSabbath
Member Since: 11th Apr 2002
Total posts: 259
Glad your back, I'm still sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way just so you know.
All my spare goodvibes and things,

The answer is never the answer. What's really interesting is the mystery. If you seek the mystery instead of the answer, you'll always be seeking. I've never seen anybody really find the answer-- they think they have, so they stop thinking. But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom. The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.-- Ken Kesey

Location: Pittsburgh, PA/ USA
Member Since: 3rd Jan 2001
Total posts: 118
Posted:Great googley moogley!

I haven't posted here in forever, but I do still lurk about. I was on vacation in the woods for weeks and weeks, and here I come back to this???

Pele, as you can see, we all love you very much, and hope you're feeling up to speed soon! I'm glad you're not going to let this experience "burn you" and have plans to keep playing with fire. You taught so many of us so much! The lessons you've taught have become a part of us all!


We will pray for you, even if it involves inventing a couple of gods first...

Rick aka Loki
Rick aka Loki

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Member Since: 18th Dec 2000
Total posts: 134

*big hug*

welcome back, Pele.

-Rick aka Loki
oh, man, a signature?... uuh... this is like coming across wet cement... uuh, shoot, I had something clever I was saving... I hope I don't run out of sp

Fire Wire
Location: Windsor, Berkshire, UK
Member Since: 30th Jul 2001
Total posts: 26

Late though it is to reply, but I wanted to let you know that we (the UK contingency of the poi site) have reading this with tears in our eyes and we wanted to say all the best for the future, you have certainly opened my eyes to so many things. And you remain as always an awe-inspiring lady for whom we have loads of respect. We will keep prayin for ya, and in the meantime -- dont scratch or worry to much!!

Fire Wire''Fire is the all consuming element, let it consume you.''

Location: Michigan, USA
Member Since: 15th Aug 2002
Total posts: 107
Posted:Hello Pele,
I am the newest to the group...I unfortunately hadn't the pleasure of getting to know you before your unfortunate accident. I just wanted to add, I am estactic to hear you are out of the hospital and doing better.
"No mere human can stand within the fire without eventually being consumed by it" Unfortunately your experience reminds ALL of us the many dangers and risks that is involved within the performing realm of fire. God speed and much love to you Pele and Noah.


And all my days are trances And all my nightly dreamsAre where thy gray eye glances And where thy footstep gleams-In what ethereal dances By what eternal streams. Edgar Allan PoeThe prophet is a fool and the religious man is fucking mad, and for the multitude of your sense and your inequity, and the great hatred......NANCY BOY

Location: South Australia, Australia
Member Since: 13th Aug 2002
Total posts: 30
Posted:quote:Originally posted by Pele:
My son Noah is fine. Glad to hear you are doing ok and being strong. You are in my thoughts although we have never chatted before. It has really opened my eyes to the fact that any time you go out there and do any fire performance, play whatever you want to call it, its a true danger.

Anyway glad your ok and home, its the best place to be.

How old is your son?


I believe in freedom, love, truth, and beauty.


Laguna dude
Location: Laguna, California, US
Member Since: 24th Jul 2002
Total posts: 1438
Posted:though this incarnation of hers is new, i naturally worship my pyre goddess, always recognizing pele in her, pele so magnificent she couldn't be called daring, though perhaps imperious, pele who obsesses you with her attractions, pele who scorches, pele's whims twisting like swift flames, always surging back up, intense pheonix...

but that's the old pele, still alive, but who you were is but a part of who you're becoming... be whomever you will next, pele. my privilege is giving a first hug to ya right now, and a humongous blasting whistle outta my own lungs:

welcome home, Pele!

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

FireMikeZ@yahoo.com (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
Laguna, California, US

Stream Entrant
Location: Melbourne
Member Since: 13th Jun 2001
Total posts: 2830
Posted:Welcome home Pele

Great to see you back on board, and in such fine form too. Truly inspirational.

If we as members of the human race practice meditation, we can transcend our fear, despair, and forgetfulness. Meditation is not an escape. It is the courage to look at reality with mindfulness and concentration. Thich Nhat Hanh


Intrepid Penguin

Member Since: 12th May 2002
Total posts: 5635
Posted:YAY welcome back Pele, you were sorely missed, and we were all glued to the posts for reports on your recovery!
Glad to hear your son is taking it well, its amazing the perspective kids have on things sometimes.....
Loads of snugglzhugglz and enjoy that fruit!

Currently on the right side up of the world.


The occasional one...
Location: nottingham
Member Since: 30th Mar 2001
Total posts: 445
Posted:hey big hugs from me and im glad to hear you are recovering, keep it up and enjoy (hey its a holiday )

There are 10 types of people, those who understand binary and those who dont.
Enjoy - A

Location: england
Member Since: 7th Nov 2001
Total posts: 158
Posted:i was sending orange good smile energy to you
-if any missed -it would've been focus'd into anyone who has been close to you-accounts for hopefully some of your view'd smiles

good to hear you are enjoying being on the path to recovery and more too

deep smiles to a speedy recovery


Ash Blackstar
Ash Blackstar

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Member Since: 1st Sep 2001
Total posts: 177
Posted:Good to hear your out. Have missed your wonderful posts. Love ya lots, Health, Blessings and Love
Ashia BlackHawk

Ash Blackstar

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, But Whips and Chains excite me"
"Only way to deal with Drama, heavy weaponry and a strong does of grow the Hell up"

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" Adam Savage - Mythbusters

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