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Posted:Alright, so we have covered ages, how long we've been spinning, and injuries. I want to add to this fun little list...what has/have been your most embarrassing moments while spinning?I've had the tie along the side of my pants snap in mid performance so my pant leg just flew open (they are leather pants that lace up the side of each leg). I finished the show with my undies hanging out, at least they were a good pair! I was sooooo embarrassed as people stood up and applauded.At least it was a small faire with a small audience!I also had the zipper on the back of one of my leather shirts bust so I ended up having to cut the show short, finishing with some butterfly moves, keeping the shirt pinned to my sides with my elbows.I now check everything before I even think of putting it on!!!!!
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Who's next??????------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:cant really match that, but i empathise with your embarrassment. once while doing some U.V poi i lost my grip on one poi. it went flying in the air and hit a U.V mobile hanging from the roof. That was nt that embarrassing, not many people noticed, it was having to get on a chair and straighten it out!!! with dozens of people watching!!
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but hey!! at least i didnt show em my boxers!!!


Posted:Well - I havent done anything too bad, but I must tell a story of a friend...She haddnt ever twirled fire before, but thought she would give it a I gave her a poi, and she was doing really well...but her skirt started to slip down...and down...and down...I when she realised it, she madea grab with her free hand, forgetting the ball of fire rapidly approaching her head...Watchout! I yell...she escaped with a slightly singed haircut
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but had to finish the set with her skirt almost off her ass
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LOL.twas funny...good thing was my girlfriend and I were the only ones watching
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Posted:Was swinging my chains with portable Xmas lights on the at a UV rave. The only free spot was under a long UV light. Now my chains are really long and the light wasn;t all that high, and well, it didn;t take long for me to do a windmill and shatter the light, covering myself and the floor in a rain of tiny glass shards. No one was hurt, or even very concerned, but I felt like a bit of a dork. I didn;t get up and spin again for an hour (long enough for people's drug-addled heads to forget the whole affair)------------------Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, fire my spirit

Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, fire my spirit


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Posted:I set my dreadlocks on fire once during a fire stick twirling performance. I heard the crowd go quiet, felt and heard the flames, but luckily the fire just went out by itself (much to my absolute relief!!). Afterwards, I just acted like it was meant to happen, but I was pretty embarrassed about it. Moral: Wet your dreadlocks thouroughly before playing with fire.




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Posted:Well, very small suck back when I mixed spinning with breathing. Have a look on vid & me and play it in reverse and you will get the general idea.peace outgarbo
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