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man she seriously rocks!!!so fast at twirling and stuffi would really like to know the individual movesim really interested in that one where she gets down onto groundthankls

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hey tcw smileheh, that one on the ground is one of the few moves Malcom didn't get an individual shot of. But have a close look at it, if you watch it frame by frame you should be able to get it smile The important thing to notice is that my body turns in the *opposite* direction to the staff. As for the that vid, I lunge down so I'm kneeling on my left knee, then twist so i'm facing to my right and collapse down onto my ass with my right leg crossed waaay over my left, knees bent out to the side. Then I uncross my legs, turning round further clockwise, put my left hand down for support, and put my left leg way over my right leg. My knees are bend so the lower bit of my leg sticks out to the side, and I can stand up, first with my weight on my left foot, then turning so I'm not twisted anymore and standing up normally. That probably wasn't a very good description, let me know if you need clarifications smile Also, although I'm right handed, I do some things the way lefthanders do, so I'm not really sure which one this is. If it feels uncomfortable for you, switch smileOh yeah, all the time I'm turning clockwise, the staff is turning anticlockwise above me. In this video I don't cross my legs over as much as I normally do. It takes a bit of flexibility but the more crossed they are, the better it looks, and the easier it is to stand up. I tend to sit in the half-lotus all the time, so those thigh muscles are already flexible for me smile Also, in the video it looks a bit like I'm putting my hand on my foot - I'm not, I'm just passing it infront of me before I put it down as support for the turn. It's quite possible to do this without hands though.have fun smilex

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Ya that little video thing totally rocks! My favorite move is where you throw it over yourself.. I'll try that one next time i get to play, when it stops raining!!!! (I'm in Victoria, west coast of canada, rain rain rain). Thanx again for the Vid. Xaeda! happy spinning!

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