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Posted:On this special of birthdays, let's all think of the twilight zone episode of our lives if Malcom had never been born.

You wouldn't be here right now reading this...

I know my life would be radically different. It's even scary to think about how different. No Poi for me. No summer vacations abroad. No UK friends. No wonderful girlie. Heck I even met all of my friends in New York through this site.

Not one thing in my life after 2001 would be at all the same. Nothing.

How very strange. frown

What an amazingly positive impact one person has had on so many lives. Thanks Malcom.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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Posted:Written by: NYC

What an amazingly positive impact one person has had on so many lives. Thanks Malcom.

How True! Thanks from me too Malcolm! hug

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Posted:I often stop and think about
"What if i never got into poi" which has similar effects as "What if Malcolm was never born"

I don't know what i would be doing, or where i would be. Quite scary to think how much this site has impacted my life!

Thank you so much Malcolm hug

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fluffy napalm fairy

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Posted:malcolm you have made so many people smile smile

thank you hug

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Posted:me too

hop has gotten me from the top to the bottom of ireland

ive met some of my best friends here, in my own country, thanks to this online home of poi

i've traveled to different countries and met hop people and will again and again

thanks malcolm


your right nyc, it is something to think about

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Posted:It sure is something to think about! Its' staggering how much time I spend talking to people i would otherwise have never met!

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Posted:Actually "Malcolm" was never meant to be, I was expected to be born a girl called "Mary".

No matter what has happened in our past, be it good or really bad, it has got us to where we are today and influenced the way we think and live.

As life goes on I appreciate how valuable it truly is, and the importance of friendship, family and love.

I've been asked what would I change if I could go back in time?

Nothing, not even the bad stuff.


If I had never been born.. you would now be on another poi website (possibly even in colour / not in shades of grey wink ) posting the same thoughts about someone else.

Family Trees are amazing for looking into our past. I wonder how fortunate we are all to be here thanks to our ancestors, many whom would have been in battles and wars. Without their will and strength to live (and a lot of luck dodging spears, bullets and disease) not even our grandparents would have been born or even the person who invented ice-cream frown .

Thanks Mum and Dad for making me hug hug

and thanks to all you people for making HOP the place it is

May your balls always burn


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*hugs everybody* i love you guys!
hug hug hug


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Posted:Malcolm, your mom and dad put you here, yes.

But YOU made you. And a fine job you did of it.


Happy Birthday, my friend.

And many, many, many more! hug2

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I would like to thank Malcolm's Grandma's and Grandpa's for creating his mom and dad.

happy birthday

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Posted:I found Poi after a small trip to a small shop in Covent Garden.

I found Home of Poi after a google to find out more about poi.

I posted a few silly thoughts.

I heard about a meet in Manchester.

I was inspired.

I'm going to Falmouth.

Without Malcolm, poi might have turned into a silly fad for me (as most things do), but the friendship and cameraderie I have experienced through HoP, and the inspiration from New Zealand has inspired me to make this performance art into a major part of my life.

Thanks Malcolm!
Im sure, like you said there would be other sites, but without your dedication and inspiration it wouldn't be the same. Not at all

hug and thanks



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May you live as long as you want but never want as long as you may live.

Thanks for it all

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Posted:mmm... Suppose I'd get thrashed for calling you Mary from now on?

I love the site. Keep up the good work and such. Poi has such a much broader base from your efforts.

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Posted:ditto everyone else... smile

It is our fantasies that make us real. Without our fantasies we're just a blank monkey' - Terry Pratchett


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Posted:Here here!!

Indirectly, Malcolm has not only facilitated my finding the burningman community, but also eased my trasitions when moving to South Africa and Germany, as well as making all my trips in the last 4 years much more enjoyable due to being able to find fellow poi and fire performers wherever I go. He is also reponsible for me meeting several of my closest friends.

for he's a jolly good fellow,

for he's a jolly good fellow,


kiss hug


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Posted:that was a veeeeery scary name to a thread.. the whole WORLD would not be the same without malcolm...

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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Posted:I thanks Malcom's great great great grandparents who made malcolms great great gransparents who made his great grandparents who made is grandparents who made his parents who almost made him Mary, lucky he wasnt, this could have been called Cottage of Poi or something.

Amazing job Malcome thanks again, hope you had a good birthday biggrin, and i like the grey!

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Posted:Mine is green.......... I changed it with the little thingamydodat on my preferances page.

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Posted:mine is like skuld's smile

Can you imagine the amount of work that would get done in offices worldwide though? productivity would be about 150% above what it is now ubblol

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