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Location: coventry, midlands, uk
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Posted:Just wondering if anyone knew of any site with uv-drape designs or just some pics of some drapes or even a place on the net were i can buy some of the rather kool lookin things.
thanx in advance

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Non-Https Image Link

drugs.. rock and roll. bad ass.. vegas hoes.. late night. booty calls.. shiny disco balls!!

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Posted:for what music scene ?
i know a couple of people who do it
but they tailor them to scenes of music or themes of events

muchos orangeness


flash fire
flash fire

Sporadically Prodigal
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these guys have some nice banners...

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Posted:You can look Here

Are we nearly there yet?

Location: coventry, midlands, uk
Member Since: 21st Nov 2001
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Posted:thank you

the mind gap.
the mind gap.

old hand
Location: Brigadoon
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Posted:the spacetribe website is pretty good as well

wherever you go, there you are.

Do my poi look too small in this?
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Posted:If you go to London, enter Stables Market in Camden Town and go through the shops that look like they're all UV'd up.

There's one in the eating area that has Space Tribe for sale.

Other than that, they're very very cheap to buy in indonesia apparently.. Like a couple quid for a wall hanging or something ridiculous like that.

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