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Posted:Just found this beauty of a move while messin wif me anti-spinnage. Been meaning to come share a bunch of the new anti-spin moves I been working on and figured this would be a good one to start with.

- Stand in wall plane spinning your poi clockwise (to you) and do a normal air wrap. As you do that, move your right arm up and your left arm down slightly.

- As soon as your poi come out of the air wrap (your right poi should be pointed up and left should be pointed down) turn 180 to your right and go immediately into another air wrap.

++Your poi will NOT do a full beat after coming out of the first air wrap.

- Once you exit the second air wrap, turn 180 to the left again when your right poi is pointing down and left up and repeat from the beginning.

Of course I used wall plane and 180deg turns for simplicity of description but once you understand how it works you can do it in a more weavish stance fashion.

When done correctly, the pattern looks like an eye shape ( <O> ) turned vertical. Pretty sweet IMO. God I wish I had access to a video camera smile

More anti-spin goodness soon to come!

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Posted:ooh. nice. i kinda see it in my head. can you make it pinch at the sides instead? maybe it needs to be isolated? lol! then it would be every move that I can't do at the same time. good job man!

-- dut


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Posted:yeah, simialr in family to anti-spin flower airwraps, find it really hard to control for more than 8 airawraps tho.

infact the one of the first tangle vids i ever saw (from ritchee, I think) had an anti-spun weave tangle on one side.

T wave

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