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Posted:My birthday is comin up soon yaaay, but the problem with my birthday its the same day my gran died, and she was way more popular than me in my family so when i get my bday cake it will no doubt have some note to gran on it, yaay for my birthday lol.

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Posted:major bummer! but anyone who put a reminder of someone's death on a birthday cake in my family would seriously be given a good what for by just about everyone.

Did your gran die recently? last year? if so, it will probably get better in a couple years.

my sister has the sameproblem with her birthday and my father's death - but it only affected her for a few years.

Your gran wouldn't want you to be sad on your birthday.


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Posted:maybe tell your family u understand and respect the fact that it is the anniversary of your grans death but it is your bithday and you would appreciate if even for just the celebration part it could just be about you? im sure they'd understand if you told them how important it is to you

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Posted:Yeah I'm thinking I agree with Will. Tell them that you can still acknowledge her anniversary but maybe suggest a different way?

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Posted:I'm kind of guessing if your Granny was so well loved a better way to remember her on the day she passed away is to celebrate life. Her life and yours! I'm sure such a well loved person would hate the thought of people being upset over the loss of her on your birthday. I bet she would much rather you party and remember all the good times you spent with her and looked forward to all the fun you can have in your life. Rememberance of a loved one and having fun do not have to be exclusive activities. They can be combined. I always smile and raise a glass to my Dad on my birthday, for without him I wouldn't be here or who I am today.

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