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Posted:Anyone else see the Poi duo on tonight? I don't think it was a rerun. Every time I watch the show they have someone on there with fire.

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Posted:Case and point.

---------------Did I say Corpse Hatch? I meant innocence tube.ENOUGH PHILOSOPHY, LET'S FART!


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pozzee, do some Contact Staff

I was on tv twice over the weekend but forgot to get the words 'I love Home of Poi' onscreen. good buzz tho...

It was Louis Bernaise, Sigmun Freud's nephew who said that, he was the father of modern marketing, pandering to peaples subconcious desires (aka the lowest common denominator)

while I agree, really class stuff does shine through, but you cant ignore the performative element in favor of technicality.


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Posted:where's stockton in relation to Santa Cruz?

contact stuff cna be cool

i thought the grandma in teh final three was pretty cool actually. but mebbe i'm one of teh "unwashed masses" hehehe

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New Hampshire has a point....



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