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Posted:Yes, I know this type of topic has been made alot, and I know im a noob biggrin

I'm not looking to find some good music to spin too - I was just interested to see what other type of music people like to spin to.

I usually twirl to dance/trance music, and heavier rock/metal, with some random stuff thrown in!

My 3 favourite twirling songs are:

"It's up to you (SymSonic)" by Rank1
"Cohkka" by Apocalyptica
and "Walking on Fire" by Evolution.

If you have any, what are your favourite twirling songs?

Peace out, Alex

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Posted:Hi whitehawk,
As you've said, this topic has been brought up before in various guises, usually in the chat section. Doing a search will reveal a few or try this thread for size: What's your favourite band .