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Posted:well i am excited, the star wars movie we are making all thought there has been acting yet? there has been camera work so far we have taking photos of eric, myself and hayden who are the main people in it. There is a website and a forum on it too.
I'm learning new things about my role, like i get to kill a person and get injured in the process, my name is Guin and my master is Hayden ( he can't decide on a name ). H eis getting frustrated because i haven't had much Sabor fighting lessons yet. I got the gist of it.
Anyway to get my point across if i have one you star wars peoples should go to the website ( only forum is up ) but hey make a comment about what you think the movie will turn out like?
According to eric and hayden WE WILL be going to the episode 3 premire aswell, yeah another 2 or 3 years maybe.
ok gtg please go to the website.

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Posted:In this Star Wars quest will you be visiting the planet Grammar?

Or the twin solar systems of A-genuine-topic and What-the-smeg-are-youposting=about?

Do they truly not have punctuation in your sector of the galaxy?

Could you get someone who is stronger with the force to post in future so others may better understand what you're whimbling on about and thusly respond?

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Posted:what does one not understand? it's about a mini movie that myself and 2 others are making about a star wars film. It's called Shadows Of The Past. i'm talking about it, and how i am excited. Do i have spelling mistakes was i speaking/ writing to fast? oh by the way the website is www.swsotp.cjb.net ok.

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Posted:hey serina, i really need to get in touch wif ya about troy... thanks!

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