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Posted:Tell a short story. (100 words or less.) I wnat ur own story.... with a begining and an ending. basically i mean, don't add onto other people's. Just make up a short story..l about somethig you think a story should be made about. If you wnat to do more than one you can.

I'll explain my intrest later

if i wasn't so tired i'd start. as it is, you may have to wiat for tommorow or so.

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Posted:I haven't heard that story for almost a full year, I think. Brilliant though.

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Posted:Which story?

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Posted:Well if you are going to tell a short story, you need the right ingredients...

Which I think involves a case of Beer (I live in UK now, so its a case not a carton or a slab)and a bon-fire and some "herbs" and you can come up with some amazing adventures...

Not that I can remember any....hmm funny about that...

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