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Posted:Hello Everyone! This is for all those Aussie HoPer's....

Just wondering if there are any big free parties going on in Sydney for NYE? I couldn't get a ticket for the 'Field Day' and I've had my staff shipped to Brisbane (See my other post!) I was wondering were people are gonna be, and if they don't mind...Can I come too?! I'll willing to bring good times and a large bottle of Ouzo to anywhere (Within leaving the country here!)

Thanx guys! Chumpy

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Posted:Hi there.

Always check Spraci for Australia-wide event listings. I have linked to Sydney NYE for you. Most people I know are going to Doof Experience and there will be some firey types there, fire ban permitting of course. I won't be there (camping with friends) but give it a shot. Also Australiens lists all the psytrance parties. You can join the forums and ask for rides etc.

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