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Aurora (1/2 a firesister)
Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Member Since: 4th Jan 2002
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Posted:I recently began meditating and I think I'm in luv It's so soothing, peaceful and insightful-isn't that funny that not thinking is actually insightful ?

And my god is it challenging. I use a mantra and mala beads to make it somewhat easier but still my mind keeps on wondering off on these wild tangents-haha some of my thoughts just seem so silly now.

Meditating is truly a bewtiful thing...especially in a world like today's where everything is so face paced and it's so hard to find inner peace.

Om Namah Sivaya

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Posted:Yay SunSpot.

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
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Posted:I love meditation...

It's so cool...and it wakes me up better than any drug when I'm tired.

-Mike )'(
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Tantamount to fatuity
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Posted:I had to change my medication when i started talking to daffodils.

"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
"...like a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean

still can't believe it's not butter
Location: Melbourne, Australia
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Posted:Is there a great event happening in the astral plane in this time? it's heartening to hear about HoPers experiencing significant spiritual growth!
sooooo sweet!
last weekend, I blissed out into a trance and imagined the astral split - trying to simultaneously feel my fifth existence while ignoring the senses in this dimension. what seconds of awareness i felt was in response to the conscious unfocusing of everything around me to reveal that the unclouded inner consciousness had to say. The peace I felt from the disembodiment made me the feel like the happiest fleshy vessel at the bushdoof I was at that morning!! I feel so very gratified that this level of progress has validated to me that the spiritual experience is as real as ever, and by extension there is peace in my life because the physical end will not halt my spiritual work
It makes it harder to be fazed by life when realise such beauty within it!

Laugh Often, Smile Much, Post lolcats Always

Aurora (1/2 a firesister)
Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Member Since: 4th Jan 2002
Total posts: 249
Posted:"Meditation is not to get out of society, to escape from society, but to prepare for a re-entry into society. We call this 'engaged Buddhism.' When we go to a meditation center, we may have the impression that we leave everything behind - family, society, and all the complications involved in them - and come as an individual in order to practice and search for peace. This is already an illusion, because in Buddhism there is no such thing as an individual. Just as a piece of paper is the fruit, the combination of many elements that can be called non-paper elements, the individual is made of non-individual elements. If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper. Without a cloud there will be no water; without water, the trees cannot grow; and without trees you cannot make paper. So the cloud is in here. The existence of this page is dependant on the exisence of a cloud. Paper and cloud are so close. Let us think of other things, like sunshine. Sunshine is very important because the forest cannot grow without sunshine, and we humans cannot grow without sunshine. So the logger needs sunshine in order to cut the tree, and the tree needs sunshine in order to be a tree. Therefore you can see sunshine in this sheet of paper. And if you look more deeply, with the eyes of a bodhisattva, with the eyes of those who are awake, you see not only the cloud and the sunshine in it, but that everything is here: the wheat that became the bread for the logger, the logger's father - everything is in this sheet of paper. The Avatamsaka Sutra tells us that you cannot point to one thing that does not have a relationship with this sheet of paper. So we say, 'A sheet of paper in made of non-paper elements.' A cloud is a non-paper element. The forest is a non-paper element. Sunshine is a non-paper element. The paper is made of all the non-paper elements to the extent that if we return the non-paper elements to their sources, the cloud to the sky, the sunshine to the sun, the logger to his father, the paper is empty. Empty of what? Empty of a seperate self. It has been made by all the non-self elements, non-paper elements, and if all these non-paper elements are taken out, it is truly empty, empty of an independant self. Empty, in this sense, means that the paper is full of everything, the entire cosmos. The presence of this tiny sheet of paper proves the presence of the whole cosmos." - Thich Nhat Hanh, from "Being Peace"

Om Namah Sivaya

Aurora (1/2 a firesister)
Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Member Since: 4th Jan 2002
Total posts: 249
Posted:Bender-'tis bewtiful that you had such an experience. May the rest of the world be as a lucky as you eh?!

I stopped needing my medication when I started talking to daffodils

[ 10 August 2002, 16:17: Message edited by: SunSpot ]

Om Namah Sivaya

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Posted:personally i prefer snapdragons

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....

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