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Posted:Heh 2 all
and especially those that went 2 Big Green Gathering
Wot a splendilishous time i had there
tanx 2 those i did fire wiv - i being the dreaded dancer withe the rope poi (i try 2 dance as much if not more than tricking up)
it was the 1st time pretty much where ive had random interactions wiv uther spinners. yeh ive done coreographed stuff 4 per4mances, but here i was just bumpling around with my stuff and when i saw another spinner... get it out and play!!!
no but seriously thanx 2 all those i did spin wiv it truely was interaction and such a wonderful feeling of expression
tanx also to those i was club passing with - Geeda and Dmitri spring to mind. those of the fire dancing extravaganser at 11-ish - truly wonderful 2 watch. get in touch itd be great to do some more stuf with u at the squat or in bristol. ill get ure nom off rachael if im passing through london
again thanx 2 evry1 who went realy cuz u all made it what it was
peace 2 all

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