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Posted:They have already been mentioned HERE by Dom but imo they deserve a thread of their own.
They are most beautiful when played with Fireropes or Socks.

Theory: Play Quartertime and Isolate :P

If both go in the same direction (Weave Family) you get a beautiful cross effect.
((If both go in different directions (Butterfly Family) the intersection points turn 45 Degree to form an X - For the geeks wink))

A 2beat Isolated Quartertime weave seems to be maximum possible, but there could be more.

For starting with these I would recommend to first become really confident with quartertime and then start isolating. You can try in buzzsaw in the beginning too.



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Posted:thay are horrible.

horbile hard.

T wave

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Posted:Actually I'm pretty good a switching between same time, quarter time and split time isolations chaotically.
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Posted:I can do a 1/4 time isolated buzzsaw forwards and yes, it makes a lovely cross pattern when it goes smoothly - but it is pretty difficult and I still need to mutter "da-DUM" under my breath to get the rhythm working ubblol I can't quite work it backwards still which is annoying because I reckon with socks a 1/4 time isolated buzzsaw fountain would look the [censored] biggrin

(Note for USians and other foreign types - "the [censored]" is a good thing wink)

As for 1/4 time isolated weaves - I still can't do a full 1/4 time weave sadly - it's 1/4 for most of it before I break the pattern at one point to get back to where I started. Probably because I'm not sure how many beats the damn thing has - split time has 3, parallel weaves 4, 1/4 time...? confused

UCOF does a 1/4 time BTB waist wrap that looks sweet though. If that was combined with Weasel's isolated BTB waist wrap I'd be very impressed... smile

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Posted:Ok, I was thinking aout Q-time just a little, but where is actually the center of rotation? Its the top, the corner the meet point of Poi heads or hand and handles. Because I can imagine Q-time as right angle where one time handles ,second Poi heads are together.Like:





With varinat b] I see isolation possible(never try, early smile I 'll continue on timing... R.



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Posted:1/4 time isolations are stupid hard because you have no cues to follow.. I've been working on them lately because my isolation work has gotten sloppy..

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