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Posted:Hey folks...

I've been experimenting with double poi recently (two poi in each hand)
Have any of you lot experimented with this?
Want to swap ideas?


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Do you mean like meteor stylee, with each poi separate? I have dabbled with the double thing briefly,.. baffling as fek.

Got any tecniques u can tel ME about?


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Posted:I've seen it done in NZ by Maori women...

Looked pretty cool, but it seems like the moves you can do are limited.

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Posted:split your timing into 4time
instead of both left(1-2)then both right(3-4) ...thats a sewing-into-centre move i found
when i borrow rainbow faeries orange poi that match mine - from Nick n' Ali
no stretch i found to be best controlled
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Posted:I haven't tried this yet, can use a meteor badly in my right hand, as a staff. Can't do a one handed butterfly. My left hand is currently beyond hope, much work needs to be done


I was floating around looking for something yesterday(ish?) and found this thread.

"a butterfly turn", which is rather splendidly about this. I wasn't even thinking about this sort of thing but it's really quite a good read.

Anyway hope it helps somehow, many thanks to jonathon and Phunky.

Now I've just got to build a second set of poi.

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Posted:hey yea i remeber 2 years ago i did QUAD POI, 4 pois, in 2 hands ( two in each hand) and i did hexpoi (six pois two hands )
all i ahve to say is FURN AS FUN


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