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Posted:to who ever. how long did it take yall to learn the art of poi, glowsticking, and liquid to do ti and know ow to do it well enough in front of people at raves

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Posted:this might not help but it took me 4 weeks, then i had to perform at a school festival and got big ups from that.

but other people are slower to learn, but they often end up as damn good fire twirlers

hope it helps


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Posted:I don't think you really can learn everything with poi or staff. It's all based on your creativity.

I've been doign it for 8 months... (I know people that have been keeping track of how long I've said that, actually 9 months!) and I haven't learned everything I possibly can.

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Posted:it was about four months before i felt at all comfortable doing it in front of people (i.e. at raves) in the sense of them thinking i might have a clue what i was doing, anyhow. (i practiced in front of people all the time.)

but the last rave i was at guys that could only do 2-beat weave, windmill, butterfly and bth butterfly were getting tons of attention, so really once you have four or five basic moves (or even two or three) and can transition between them and move around with them you're good to go.

could be as little as two weeks if you learn fast, but it won't look as good. smoothness comes with time and practice.

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Posted:wise wise words.

I poi almost everywhere I go, not fire, I use my practice set. So I don't have so much fear about playing in public.

I first watched fire spinning at an enormous outdoor party thing back in mid(ish) May of this year.

My first ever burn was with people who knew what they were doing, I barely know them and was scared beyond belief.

Peforming on the other hand, well ok not performing, lets say, erm.....public displays, yep that's better. ok so....

...Public Displays, I've done a couple, of fire, in front of small groups of people, some I do know, some not. They went quite well.

The maddest one I ever did was (so little burn experience, so few stories) at the big beach boutique 2 earlier this year. I'd waited until the people had thinned out, and I sat there with small groups lighting up nearby.

So I watched to see how good they were, however I couldn't tell cause they were too far away and my social skills resemble those of a diseased cabbage, so I sat with my friends and watched some more.

Anyway I eventually just got up and did it, and once I'd started I'd forgotten people where there, mostly. The morning was nice though cause the beach was emptier and I spun my practice set for hours.

So after that overly longwinded pile of self involved tripe I will make a something resembeling a point.

If you don't hit yourself all the time and you can do stuff you enjoy then you are definately good enough to spin in public. I would suggest trying to "zone out" but in a club that's probably bad advice.

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Posted:yeah, my favourite is when i look like an idiot b/c my strings tangle in a club b/c i didn't pull off teh "get the strings out of teh way of the idiot who cut directly into my path when there was space outside of it" move quite right. so then i look like an idiot. and i hate untangling damnable shoelaces.....

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Dreamin is still how the strong survive

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New Hampshire has a point....

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:I learned flags first, that took a couple of weeks. Then I learned poi, which took a few more months.

-Mike )'(
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Mark P

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Posted:I think it is all to do with how you feel, my first fire performance with poi was after about 1 month at a fireworks display, I couldnt do much but it was still ok.

Since then I have really learnt to dance with the poi and that is what I think it is all about, if you can do a display where you feel like you are just dancing and having a good time that is 90% of the way there the last 10% is being able to do the more difficult moves.

Mark P

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Posted:I learnt it in 4 weeks with Sam, but we learnt it extremely quickly (yayyy) and we had/kinda have 2 brilliant teachers. fuck they r good....anyway, I think its always better if u r learning with someone cause then u can always bounce stuff off them! Thanx Sam, Iona, Emma and Mel! Rock on u guys...
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Posted:I dont see poi, staff, or any other form of manipulation as something you 'learn' (you do 'learn' the tricks)I see it as something you kinda grow with!(manipulation thread)

You can perform at any early stage in your work on poi. Although not recommended for beginners, fire + beginners they just dont match, go for glows sticks lighted things and other reflective poi...

Once again aslong as you are comfortable and dont hit yourself a lot (you get really good at dodging poi in the learning stages)... If you are happy just go with the flow... i find most people are just interested in 'the things on her hands spinning!'

Much love to all, Drome