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Posted:This weekend I attended a surprise brithday party for one of the players on my hockey team. We all got there thirty minutes early and were hiding in the bathroom when we saw the birthday boys car. We were all ready to jump out with noise makers and to yell surprise. That is until we realized that somebody else from the team was driving up behind the birthday boy. eek The surprise was ruined after hours of preparation on his parents part, including somehow passing out invitations to the whole team without thier son knowing, I was just curious, has anything similar to this happened to anyone else?

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Posted:kinda, i used to work at winebar when i was at college and when i left they told me to come for a 'quiet drink' at about 7.30. well i got there about 6.30 thinkin i wanted to have a quick drink with the boss before my mates got there. i walked in on them puttin up decorations. they got all the previous members of staff and all the regular customers i had become friendly with and most of my friends together to throw me a party. but i arrived an hour before they all did. bless em i still appreciated it so much n was so touched n stuff. also very impressed that they managed it without me knowin coz i dont really miss much. bless their little socks.

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