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Posted: OK OK I know I've told a heap of folk out there about kick arse songs to twirl to but this one is awesome in every sense of the word, I do need to get a bunch of twirling folk together to pull this one off, I should use my phone. Anyway the song is the overture to Jesus Christ Superstar. It has four very different sections and would look very funky pulled off well.


1. Intro, slow twriling lighting up and burn offs.

2. 'Chase' music, I'm thinking staff display.

3. '39 Lashes' music, CaPOIeria (does that make any sense?)

4. Conclusion, slow twirling, breathing and burn offs.

I've had dreams about this, is that wrong?

A wise man once said to me, Hey! You! Get out of my wardrobe! and in a way, I guess he was right.

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